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Cannot go online "DSL connection is down"

  Diemmess 10:16 17 Sep 2013

Daughter is home from holiday to find she cannot go on line (AOL)

Messages include DSL connection is down verify if Speedtouch is connected. She no longer has any relevant paperwork. I have given her AOL help number

Is this a dud Router? I think she said it shows three lights.

  Diemmess 14:46 26 Sep 2013

dangerus1 I cannot remember how long my daughter has had access to the net. Certainly she had some years with Dial-up and around that time both of us used AOL. The telephone was put on nearly 30 years ago and the wiring to outside verry shaby

I changed to BT, she stayed where she was. AOL's independence disappeared ages ago, but the help numbers she used are part of AOL's interface and as many have discovered it is necessary to scream for the Head Honcho for any help beyond the basic FAQ catechism that is reeled out in and understood by neither it seems!

Secret Squirrel had things right in saying that - "No light on the DSL indicator meant no broadband connection with the router."

So it took a visiting engineer to find and correct the fault. I assume Open Reach are an agency of BT and they get their hands dirty while BT, AOL Talk TalK and others collect money push buttons to reconfigure software.

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