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Cannot go online "DSL connection is down"

  Diemmess 10:16 17 Sep 2013

Daughter is home from holiday to find she cannot go on line (AOL)

Messages include DSL connection is down verify if Speedtouch is connected. She no longer has any relevant paperwork. I have given her AOL help number

Is this a dud Router? I think she said it shows three lights.

  Jollyjohn 11:27 17 Sep 2013

Is phone line working? - If not, then a phone provider issue.

Swap filter - always a good first step

Are all lights green? - If not details of the lights will help.

Make sure there are no other phones connected anywhere in the house while testing.

  Diemmess 13:17 17 Sep 2013

Have been in a meeting all morning. Phoned just now, she had tried filter and power off checks.

Power, wlan and ethernet lights are ON

dsl and internet lights are not showing

  Secret-Squirrel 13:46 17 Sep 2013

"dsl and internet lights are not showing"

When the DSL LED is off then that means the router's not receiving a broadband signal so the first thing to check is that the router is connected to the phone line.

Only when the DSL LED is on and steady will the Internet one come on.

  Diemmess 14:22 17 Sep 2013

Thanks to all for a list of things to try. If none of these changes the situation, it is surely possible that a new router is the answer?

She phoned AOL and eventually spoke with several from the Sub-Continent. No one offered a replacement router or anything but the general mantra of filters and reboots.

One signed her on for a home visit on Friday, @ £50.00 if the fault is internal!

I hope she is going to talk with local computer shop, possibly buy a replacement there and cancel that home visit.

  Diemmess 20:08 17 Sep 2013


You are correct, daughter took router to local shop who tested it and found no fault.

She has also tried a previously unused cable from Filter to Router with the same result.

AOL is her SP but she rents the line from BT.

I think I have the story correct now as to what lights show or don't show, so is it possible that the fault lies with the BT line and not the router. Is it sensible or possible to have BT check the line for Broadband availability?

  bumpkin 20:38 17 Sep 2013

I am with TalkTalk via a BT line, Talktalk did a line test with no need for a visit and no charge. I would ask AOL if they can do the same, if there is a line fault then it will be BT that repairs it also at no charge. This is to the best of my knowledge but I am not certain.

  bumpkin 20:50 17 Sep 2013

A £50 visit by AOL seems pointless as they won't be allowed to work on BTs line. Maybe best to ask BT for a line check first, but definitely cancel the visit.

  lotvic 21:26 17 Sep 2013

£50 visit they will only check internal wiring.

To eliminate or find out if it is internal wiring extensions etc. She needs to plug the router into the TEST SOCKET behind the front plate on BT master socket (unscrew the lower half of Master socket to get access to the test socket). Here's a picture Test Socket

If still no Internet then the fault is outside and BT can arrange a line test (no charge for that).

  lotvic 21:30 17 Sep 2013

Is her phone working ok? (noisy or interference or anything)

  bumpkin 22:40 17 Sep 2013

lotvic, "She needs to plug the router into the TEST SOCKET behind the front plate on BT master socket"

That is indeed the best way to check but I don't think a lot of people are aware of this. Hope they are now you have pointed it out.

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