Cannot get wifi IP Address

  SSR 39773 20:13 03 Apr 2007

Running XP on a laptop. All used to run fine but when I turned on this morning the wi-fi adapter had found the signal but would not get an IP address. Despite trying turning on and off the adapter, trying the repair function and even uninstalling the driver and re-installing it was all to no avail.

Using an external adaptor works fine on the same source.

I guess a bit of XP is corrupted.

What has got lost? What do I need to reload? How?

Many thanks.

  a.nonymous 20:26 03 Apr 2007

I suspect that the computer has lost the security code for the network. This may be a WEP key or another type of security key.

Check that your PC knows what it is. IF you need to re-enter it, it will have been provided when you started using the broadband.

  SSR 39773 20:37 03 Apr 2007

Thanks but, unfortunately not the case as it is an open unWEPped connection in a marina. The external Bulgin USB device still connects ok without any changes to authorisation codes etc.

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