cannot get the USB ports to work on my laptop

  laptopdunce 16:43 22 Jun 2017

I had a recent shutdown on my windows 8.1 laptop and it did the diganostic repair and got it all back OK but now I cant use it with a usb hub for a seperate keyboard and mouse, it wont respond when I plug in a trust USB hub or a mouse or keyboard directly into the USB socket on the laptop, what can be wrong here? I cannot use the laptop without a separate keyboard and mouse (very well at all) hope someone can solve this?? fruitbat maybe?? thanks Laptopdunce - am having to use my spare laptop until I can get the good one fixed, thanks

  qwbos 16:48 22 Jun 2017

Have you checked USB controllers in Device Manager?

  laptopdunce 17:04 22 Jun 2017

HOW DO i do that??

  laptopdunce 17:26 22 Jun 2017

I have just gone into device manager and the usb root hub (xHCI) is showing and is working but the keyboard and the mouse I plug into this is not working?? thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 17:51 22 Jun 2017

the laptop does feel quite warm but I am not competent enough to start taking it to pieces.

  laptopdunce 18:11 22 Jun 2017

none of the USB ports on the laptop are working, they7 will charge a phone and operate a little fan but they do not recongize any usb sticks or my big 500gb USB drive - I jsut dont knwo what to do!! I catn even do a system restor until I can take off my photos docs and files. what a mess!!! laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 19:17 22 Jun 2017

this is very scary because none of the usb ports on my laptop will now recognize anything, so I cant back up and send all my files to an external USB drive if I were to rcover the whole system - what am I going to do!! the laptop IS working but only with the rotten laptop keyboard and that horrible flat mouse that I cant work properly, I am pi77ed off with it that I would buy a new laptop but I cant even get my files off this one, What am I going to do and why does this only happen to me!!!??? laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 23:38 22 Jun 2017

ithinkthat this must be a heat issue as the fan started making gratingnoises when I moved the laptop, it is simply untenable for me to uuse without a seperate keyboard and mouse for proper reports soI have ordered an Acer 1tb ci5 laptop from Argos to collect tomorrow, BUT Istill needto get all my files and photos off this laptopthat is now buggered!! Ihope someone can at least get me to be able to connect a usb drive to take off my photos anddocs andthenI can wipe this otherwise only two year old laptop and put it on ebay. what a nightmare!! laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:27 23 Jun 2017

Iphone charges and fan works then USB port is getting the 5v it just the data side not working for that you need to instal or reinstall the USB drivers.

Windows may do it auatomatically but you may need to download from the manufacturers web site. MAke and model of laptop?

remove all USB devices

in device manager uninstall everything listed under USB including the USB controllers.

Reboot the laptop let windows reinstall the USB controllers plug in your keyboard and windows should find it and install the drivers do the same for the mouse.

  laptopdunce 10:07 23 Jun 2017

AH!!! the genuis, Fruitbat!! Thank God!! Do you think it is the fan that caused this? it shut down after using that mini fan, in fact there are no external usb devices on the laptop at all now, in the device manager is it only showing the USB port itself, the laptop is an Acer Asprie E15 E5-511-POBM using an intel quadcore N3530 1tb 8gb RDD3L memory, its working ok but only on that rotten inbuilt keyboard and touch mouse which I just cant use, if I can get the usb ports working I will transfer all my files and use them on the new one and NEVER use a fan with a laptop again. Hope your expertise can sort this for me!! thanks laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 23 Jun 2017

click here win 8.1 chipset drivers

or click here use method 1

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