Cannot get my desktop to access internet

  johnincrete 10:17 30 Mar 2017

My ancient Dell desktop is still running XP. When I got a new landline and router, it took ages for the landlord to sort the wiring down to the basement where my office is. Now, his laptop running Windows 10 and my laptop running 7 both get internet downstairs but not the desktop although there is an icon saying the desktop is connected. He said I would have to upgrade to 7. Someone else said I must check to make sure the desktop is connecting automatically but the instructions were not for XP. Any comments please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 30 Mar 2017

Are you connected by wire or wireless?

Have you looked in device manager for exclamation marks against the ethernet drivers?

  johnincrete 07:19 11 Apr 2017

Sorry for delay Other things have failed. Time to replace computer Thanks anyway

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