Cannot get MS Messenger to work

  Dave911 10:48 10 Apr 2005

I think it is ever since I installed my Netgear DG834 Router I have had problems with ms messenger.

Although I can run messenger it would appear that I cannot see people on line so I obviously cannot communicate with them. My mate has the sma eproblem as he has the same router - but he tells me that others can see him, wlthough he cannot see them!

I may be barking uo the wrong tree - but I feel that my router is blocking the porst which allows me to see them - am I right or wrong?

Help would be appreciated.



  john-232317 10:51 10 Apr 2005

Have you tried Messenger 7, the latest version ?

  john-232317 10:53 10 Apr 2005

PS dont install the messenger plus bit.

  Dave911 10:55 10 Apr 2005

Crikey didnt even realise on messnger v4 !!!

Will try

  john-232317 10:55 10 Apr 2005

Open up your firewall and check there is a tick in messenger box in exceptions.

  Dave911 09:48 11 Apr 2005

I have installed messenger v7 however I still cannot see others on line. I use Norton firewll and I see no settings for the MSN Messenger - I am still wondering if it is my router?


  ACOLYTE 10:54 11 Apr 2005

This any help click here the MSM ports are down the page a bit.

  Dave911 19:19 11 Apr 2005

Acolyte I have had a look at this and I cannot find the ISP address that I need to let me router to allow in - it does not appear on the ms help site.
Any ideas or has anyone else hads this problem as well and learned how to fix it?


  john-232317 08:20 12 Apr 2005

Maybe help here in security section ? click here

  belcanto 01:13 24 Dec 2005

Hi there-1st of all merry xmas to u all, I have been able to use msn happily for a long while and signed in with my yahoo account ok. For some reason on both the frontroom pc however i can no longer log in. Dont know why as there is no problem with the bedroom pc. Where in the registery can i find passwords? I do not want to have to reset my password as that'll mean losing all my contactd. Bedroom pc uses 7.4 msn messenger and the frontroom one uses 4.7, the one I have on my laptop uses 4.7 as well. Should I upgrade?

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