Cannot get monitor out of power saving mode.

  maa970f 15:01 22 Feb 2004

Hello all,
Win98, my monitor is set to shut off after 5 minutes idle time. Occasionally when I want to restart, the monitor remains blank and I have to re-boot to continue. Where do I look to find the cause or is there a way I can re-start without going through the whole re-boot process.
Thanks in anticoipation.


  coolteentom 16:11 22 Feb 2004

To restart without going through the whole bootup process, go to Start > Shutdown > then click on restart. When you press OK, hold down Shift.

I think that's how you do it anyway...

  maa970f 16:23 22 Feb 2004

Hello CTT,
I just have a black screen so I can't follow your suggestion.

  Paranoid Android 16:28 22 Feb 2004

Trouble is - no display.

I think maybe you will need to examine your power saving settings in BIOS. Make sure you are using ACPI not APM. If all else fails you may have to disable power saving for yout monitor.


  maa970f 17:03 22 Feb 2004

Hello Marvin,
thanks for that suggestion. My BIOS was set to ACPI\APM and I have now reset it to ACPI. I'll see how it goes. I had thought of disabling the power saving but it only happens occasionally?


  bdub 17:17 22 Feb 2004

I have a Sony that sometimes does this,I unplug the monitor for 5 minutes and plug it ina again and all is ok

  maa970f 13:18 25 Feb 2004

Hello all,
further this problem. I took the power saving function off the monitor and it now appears that the problem is a serious lock up of the PC. No keyboard or mouse function at all. So I have to re-boot the PC via the reset button.
Any suggestions please. On SFC I had one file that was corrupt but I could not restore it off my Win 98 installation disc. (file not found)

thanks in anticipation.


  Rennaissance 13:24 25 Feb 2004

you could have checked in mouse properties, if the propertie let this device bring computer out of standby was enabled.

Another suggestion, is update your graphic drivers.

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