Cannot get logged on to BT

  Quilljar 23:03 03 Dec 2008

My wife has her Dell PC Win XP SP2, in a small home network with me through a BT hub. Last week she was unable to use either emails or web because
neither Internet Explorer nor Outlook Express would connect. The computer connects to the internet OK but it will not log on. I have spoken to BT who changed her password, but that did not work. The Indian lady then gave up and said I should contact Dell.
I have also tried to fetch her emails using Mail2web on my own computer and my laptop, but it will not connect either using her user name and password.
This makes me think it must be a password problem as my own connection is no problem.
Can anyone make any sense of this?

  brundle 23:18 03 Dec 2008

Does BT require a username and password to use the 'net? If one machine connects via a router, all machines connected to that router ought to connect too. Can't explain the Mail2Web issue.

  citadel 23:21 03 Dec 2008

I have read that the bt hub has problems, could be that.

  mooly 07:48 04 Dec 2008

I have the BT Home Hub, 2 year old now -- great I use it wirelessly. You do enter a password to take you from the "Yahoo" page to the BT Mail screen which then lasts 2 weeks before it asks you again.
Coincidently I have just had a mail problem, the new mail tab always showing 3 unread items. Contacted Yahoo support ( by email ) and it was fixed instantly.
Can you get online ? on this Forum via your router ?

  €dstowe 08:26 04 Dec 2008

I chucked my BT home Hub out and reverted to my old "real" Netgear router. Never had any problems with that and still don't - which is a lot more than can be said about the BT product.

At the same time, I gave up with wireless and now use through-the-mains links for my home computers. Far, far better.

  Technotiger 08:49 04 Dec 2008

Did you try simply re-setting your BT Hub? If it is two years old it might be Version 1.0 of the Hub, well known for its instability. However, version 1.5 (which I have) is very stable and gives me no problems at all. Version 2.0 is now out and I believe that is even better - but as I said , I have no problems at all with my V1.5, indeed I am very happy with it.

If you do have Version 1.0, ask BT to change it for you to at least V1.5 ......

  mooly 11:38 04 Dec 2008

Just going slightly off the topic. Who owns the Hub ? When I signed up for BT Broadband I got the Hub at a reduced price. Is it mine ? What happens if it fails ?

  rawprawn 12:01 04 Dec 2008

As far as I know it's yours providing you don't terminate your contract earlier than agreed.
But if they send you a new one (For any reason) they will want the old one returned (they supply the pre paid packaging.

  rawprawn 12:05 04 Dec 2008

This is worth a read.
click here

  mooly 17:34 04 Dec 2008

That's interesting. It's been updated since I last saw it. I ditched all the BT software when I installed Vista last year and I let Vista manage all the ntwork connections with WPA encryption.
I had a line fault 12 months ago, all lights but power were off, but the lady in India insisted on going through loads of checks. Anyway she said that the "hard reset" using the button on the back works for a maximum of 3 times only and then the Hub is defunct. Anyone else heard of that ?

  Newuser939 10:12 05 Dec 2008

I had exactly the same problem with BT a few months ago. After about an hour on the phone to their helpline (free, of course) the Indian gentleman concluded that it must be a problem with the BT server. He referred it to a different department, and by the next morning all was working correctly again. It might be worth another phone call in the hope of getting a different contact.

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