Cannot Forward Emails

  javaBalls 19:26 22 May 2005

I have a domain name and with this domain name I have several forwarding email addresses.

However one of my forwarding email addresses does not work.

I get an error message that the email address does not allow relaying.

The email address that I'm trying to forward to is an address. The user tells me that they access their email through hotmail. MSN is not their ISP.

Any way around this?

  DieSse 20:12 22 May 2005

You need to find out their hotmail address, and forward to that.

  dan11 21:04 22 May 2005

Agree with DieSse


  javaBalls 21:28 22 May 2005

I think that they only have one address and it ends in

The person says that it is "hotmail". Although this person does not really understand their email very well.

So do you think that this person has another different email address? Or could it be that the msn one is the same as the hotmail one?

ie. [email protected] is equal to [email protected]

  javaBalls 21:52 22 May 2005

also this person's ISP is NTL. Therefore I am not sure why thye even have a MSN address???

  DieSse 23:05 22 May 2005

Can you send (not forward) to their address [email protected] If not, what actually happens, in detail please.

  javaBalls 23:13 22 May 2005

When I send to [email protected] as far as I know they recieve the email no problem.

I have sent another one just now and will follow up when I receive a reply.

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