Cannot find site/Display (IE/Tiscali)

  spuds 13:44 16 Oct 2006

Using Tiscali 2MB BB.

Recently I have been having a number of problems connecting to some websites, PCA being one of them. On trying to form a link, I get Finding Site or Site Found,Waiting a reply. Sometimes the message changes by itself to, which eventually opens a page with Unable to Display or wording similar. The page advices that I go through the normal procedures and check connections, settings etc. The checks seem to agree that the set-up procedures are okay.

Sometimes I find that switching off the browser (IE) and making a reconnection solves the problem, with instant connection to the website required.

Not sure whether it is the computer,the local BT exchange or Tiscali at fault.Any advice most welcome, as this problem is becoming very annoying.

  Jimmy14 13:50 16 Oct 2006

what you are describing is just the same as what I'm experencing here sometimes on Tiscali 2Mb BB waiting to be upgraded to Tiscali Max (8Mb). My internet works fine for a while on IE7 RC1 then when I click on a link on here or type in a new web address it says waiting for reply then auto search msn then Internet explorer can't display the page. I phoned Tiscali on Thursday because it was really annoying me. The Indian or Asian customer service advisor (she) put it down to me running a long cable from my hallway into my office saying that the internet wasn't getting through properly and that long cable couldn't support it. I still think it's Tiscali's problem and not mine but we will see because I am ordering a router later this week,


  spuds 14:07 16 Oct 2006

Thanks for the fast reply. Don't think that it is a cable issue, as my connection set-up is local to the computer, and as worked great for a few years now.

The new router sounds interesting though.

  spuds 22:10 16 Oct 2006


  spuds 11:07 17 Oct 2006

Anybody out there, with similar problems!!!.

  grumpy old git™ 11:25 17 Oct 2006

Using Tiscali 2MB BB. Waiting for an upgrade to upto 8Mb. Using a wireless router.

Every thing is fine. Pages and links load fast with no problems.


  Boingy 11:52 17 Oct 2006

I'm supposed to be on a tiscali 1Mb BB service. Everything has been working okay until 29/09 when my connection speed plummeted to about 130kbps, and it's been like that since. They have tested the line and agree it is slow. In terms of why this has happened, I have been given several different reasons, and several different timescales as to when it would be fixed, two of which have now passed. I last called them on Thursday, and was told the problem was due to a server migration, and my line had not been re-registered as ADSL with BT (?!!) so it was not running at full speed. Been PROMISED by them it will be working by the 19/10, we'll see.

To be fair they have refunded me a months worth of charges, but I still don't have an acceptable BB service. If it is not fixed by the end of this week I will be changing to another ISP.

  spuds 12:17 17 Oct 2006

Boingy--Very interesting in what you have mentioned. Have you a direct telephone number to Tiscali UK, because I tread having to use their call centre in India (that's another story). Normally, I correspond by direct letter to Kiln Farm, but this seems to take even longer now, in obtaining a reply.

got-- Thanks for the response. I also have my name down for the 'upto' 8mb service (more like 5.2mb maximum, according to click here) Already have a router available, but using Tiscali's modem at present. Might consider the changeover now!.

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