"cannot find Server" page when I connect

  melancol 18:56 11 Mar 2004

Please help.
I am running win 98, internet access via freeserve anytime. Every time I connect I get the page Cannot find server. I have checked all settings and they appear to be ok. Is there any thing that I am doing wrong.
ps.. Please answer in layman terms as I am pretty new to this. Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 20:56 11 Mar 2004

click here
to try to repair IE.

  billyliv 21:33 11 Mar 2004

Hi, Can you access your E.Mail?. Bill

  SGT [email protected] 21:35 11 Mar 2004

a lot of people i've spoken to today are having the same problem , problem is i don't know the answer

  melancol 21:42 11 Mar 2004

Have tried IE repair tool fault still there, Email retrival brings up the same page i.e cannot find server.
Sgt [email protected] are the people that you have been speaking too also on freeserve anytime?
Thanks for quick replies, any Ideas that you have are much appreciated. Colin

  edstowe 21:48 11 Mar 2004

I've just had Opera die on me and just cannot get it to function. I've had to re-register here using Netscape and change my nickname (slightly). I've un-installed, re-installed, system restored, cast magic spells but nothing will make it work, just comes up with the message cannot connect to remote server even trying to get to its own home page.

On BT 2Mb BB

Should be at home now!!


  billyliv 22:02 11 Mar 2004

Hi, If other users are having probs then the fault is at the other end. Your ISP may be doing some unscheduled maintenance or they may be have a hiccup that needs urgent work to put it right. cheers, Bill

  edstowe 08:07 12 Mar 2004

My Opera connection is still dead.

  SGT [email protected] 09:08 13 Mar 2004

people ive spoken too (now including me) are on various isp's , shut my pc not long after i posted here , next time i booted it wouldn't connect to anything , dns error everytime i tried to connect to the net , have had to re format.

  melancol 08:52 14 Mar 2004

sorry for the long delay but the faulty computer is 30 miles away and its operator is less computer literate than me. when I try to retrieve emails I get the same message, some one has suggested to check all connection settings, which I will do next time I am there, any further suggestions would be appreciated. Colin

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:43 14 Mar 2004

This tends to happen when the temp internet file folder is jam packed. In XP go to control panel-folder options and ensure that 'show hidden files and folders' is turned ON. Then go to your C drive-documents and settings-your name-local settings and delete verything in the temp, temp internet and history folders. Failing that this is why Billy boy has to say about the matter................click here and click here

It may be also worth checking your computer for spyware (Adaware click here) and checking for NewDotNet...see the uninstall section at click here

Try a looksee here.....click here and drill down to 'a fix for disappearing websites in IE'.

Failing the above get a coffee and go here for another error page..........click here


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