'Cannot find server'

  tlr 22:41 19 Mar 2004

I am having a lot of bother with the internet and certain pages, for example, ebay screen opens fine but if I try and go into 'my ebay' I get 'cannot find server' screen, this problem is not limited to ebay, yahoo does it, centre parcs did it.
I am running Win XP
Internet explorer 6
Norton system works 2003
Norton internet security 2004
Any ideas???
I suspect a conflict of interests between Norton security and the sites content but dont know how to 'force its hand'


  woodchip 23:17 19 Mar 2004

May be your FireWall that's stopping you

  tlr 17:12 20 Mar 2004

I turned off both the windows XP firewall and the Norton firewall and I still get 'cannot find server'.....the home page on the sites comes up its only when I try to log in to them it comes to a halt

  GaT7 18:15 20 Mar 2004

1. Deleting your Temporary Internet files (plus all offline content) & cookies in Internet Explorer's Properties.

2. Shutdown your PC, reboot & try again.

3. If the above works you may want to turn on your firewall.

  tlr 17:57 21 Mar 2004

made no difference Im afraid....any more ideas as it is extremely frustrating?

  camplet 18:27 21 Mar 2004

turn off any fire wall, run any ad ware removal software,if you can download cwshredder and run that i had the sameproblem as you and just cleanded pc up and check internet settings

  Valvegrid 20:00 21 Mar 2004

Have a look in your Hosts file to make sure Ebay is not being blocked for some reason.

I'm not sure were it is in XP, but if you do a search for "Hosts" (without the quotes) and open it in Notepad. The very last line should read: localhost

If you see any other entries below the one above, like for example: click here click here

That means that those particular site are being blocked.

To remove the block add a # before each instance, e.g.:

# click here
# click here

As a matter of interest you can use this to block ads from being displayed.

BTW the IP address are fictitious because I don't know what they are for Ebay or Yahoo.

  Valvegrid 20:05 21 Mar 2004

Blasted formatting, this is what I wanted to say: www . ebay.com www . yahoo.co.uk

That means that those particular site are being blocked.

To remove the block add a # before each instance, e.g.:

# www . ebay.com

# www . yahoo.co.uk

  VoG II 20:07 21 Mar 2004

In XP hosts would be in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

  tlr 21:08 21 Mar 2004

Downloaded cwshredder and it scanned the system and declared me clean but made no difference

Valvegrid localhost was the only entry

Thanks for the directions!!!

Any thing else, I have 38 new messages in Yahoo but cannot gain access....as soon as I try to click on any folder it comes up 'cannot find server' ebay is when I log in

  Valvegrid 22:30 21 Mar 2004

What ISP are you using? I have had the occasional problem with NTL in the passed giving similar messages to what you are getting and it doesn't seemed to be consistent, some users can access certain sites whereas others can't.

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