Cannot Find MS Office Activation Key (Free Trial)

  skthecat 20:46 08 Feb 2010

Hi, I am not sure this is thr correct section to ask this question, it could come/go under 2 - 3 sections, so here goes.

About 8 months ago I purchased a laptop from Morrisons, Its a Toshiba L300 - 1AQ It came/comes with Pre-loaded Vista. I have not really bothered with it since I purchased it. I was not keen with the idea of then buying MS office so I downloaded Open office which I have used occasionally. However, I now need to use this for serious work, so I have decided to activate the MS Office free trial, but cannot find the activation key! When I follow the instructions from clicking on the MS Office Icon, it runs rings round me, it keeps leading me back to square one, no activation key!! It says it should be stuck somewhere, bearing in mind all the software was pre-loaded, so No Discs! There is a greenish hollogrammed sticker on the base of the machine, but I cannot find a key written on it (I think) When I take to online route (as then prompted) I keep ending back at the same place again!!! with no activation key. I am beginning to lose my rag!! any really easy method/advice on where I am going wrong before I totally go insane!!



  dukeboxhero 20:59 08 Feb 2010

You could try Keyfinder
click here
click here

  dukeboxhero 21:02 08 Feb 2010

Should have said SIW can be saved to a pen drive and dosnt need to be installed onto computer

  skthecat 21:04 08 Feb 2010

Hi, thanks for those, I will try them shortly. But first, what am I looking for? This activation key, what does it look like?



  skthecat 21:41 08 Feb 2010

Hi, that was a serious question, I dont really know what this key will look like when I find it?


  dukeboxhero 20:32 09 Feb 2010

In SIW on left hand side click software then applications then look for then ms office, the key should be 25 figures long , might be called registration key
In Key finder just click on ms office

  Terry Brown 09:21 10 Feb 2010

In SIW you can also find it under Software (top Line) , go down to secrets

Another good program is Belarc.

  Jollyjohn 09:35 10 Feb 2010


It may be that the MS Office installed on the laptop was a 60 day trial. This will have expired, even without being used.
Open Office should handle all your needs, it will open MS Office docs and can save as .doc or even as pdf files.

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