Cannot find file

  kgman 23:52 01 Aug 2003

As my desktop loads on Win98 i get the following message on my desktop;

"Cannot find file 'C:\WINDOWS\' make sure the file exists on your system and the path and filenames are correct."

I have fouund the file on the hard drive it is not in the Windows Command Folder.
Can anyone advise how i can get rid of message or cure problem?

  BBez 23:55 01 Aug 2003

check your "config.sys" and "autoexec.bat" files for configuration errors (if used).

Also if Win98, make a startup floppy disk in add/remove programs, reboot pc with the boot floppy disk and at the a:\ prompt type "sys c:" without the quotes and with a space between the sys and the "c"

  kgman 00:40 02 Aug 2003

BBez Checked config. and autoexec. via Run-Msconfig.
config.sys was clear autoexec.bat has the following line written in it 'C:\Progra~1\common~1\networ~1\viruss~\40~1xx\scanpm.exeC' I think this was from when i ran Macafee Virus scan and was following some sort of instruction from tech support to try and cure a supposed virus on my PC.

  BBez 01:35 02 Aug 2003

did you run the "sys c:" from a startup disk..?

  DieSse 08:18 02 Aug 2003

Try copying into the C:\windows\command\ folder. That's where it normally resides.

  pj123 11:05 02 Aug 2003

For Windows 98 there are two copies of "" the file should be about 93,890kb. One is in the root of C:\ and the other is in C:\windows not in the C:\windows\command folder.

  DieSse 11:52 02 Aug 2003

Thanks - no longer have Win98 and was trying to rely on memory - shouldn't at my advanced age ;-))

  pj123 13:25 02 Aug 2003

DieSse, sorry, not knocking you but just looked on my PC and found both. C:\windows\command only contains the few old DOS commands still available to windows users.

  kgman 15:38 02 Aug 2003

BBez, sorry i did not get back to you.
Yes, entered sys c:, screen showing, system transfer, then nothing happens

  martjc 16:42 02 Aug 2003

If it is, say, in the root [C:\] then the following should help:

Put a line in Autoexec.bat saying: Comspec=c:\

Make sure it is the ONLY comspec used.

  kgman 18:46 02 Aug 2003

As requested entered line in autoexec.
As system restarted, on bootup screen, before windows loaded got the following -
'A:\Bad command or file name.'
Windows continues to load, same warning box on desktop "C:\WINDOWS\"

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