cannot find cd drive letter

  MICKY BOY 12:33 20 Jan 2004

Can anybody help I am trying to re-install Windows 95 on to an old computer. Have partitioned and formatted the two hard drives successfully. Now have hard drives partitioned named C – D – E and F with the floppy drive as “A” as normal. Have tried to install W95 from Dos prompt but when I change the Dos “A” prompt to any other letter to install from windows cd I get “Bad command or file”.

Can anybody tell me how to find out what my cd drive letter is now. As I have tried all the letters I can think of but get the same error message.

Also cannot exit ms dos without turning off the computer, when I type "exit" and press enter nothing happens I just get the “C” prompt again.

Your assistance would be appreciated, but be gentle with me as I am new to all this.

Regards Mick

  Big Elf 12:49 20 Jan 2004

What command are you using? It should be g: or whatever the drive letter is for the CD

  spikeychris 13:14 20 Jan 2004

With Win95 you have to use a floppy with CDROM support, did you?

BTW I have fallen foul of this before.....

  MICKY BOY 13:15 20 Jan 2004

Big Elf

Have tried G as the first and most obvious letter but still get Bad command or file error message.

How can I find out what the drive letter should be and why is it not working.


  Big Elf 13:23 20 Jan 2004

What happens if you type d: ?

  [email protected]@m 13:24 20 Jan 2004

Download a bootdisk from click here to your desktop, open it and send to floppy.

The drive letter used to be R on these, not used it for a while, though.

  Big Elf 13:24 20 Jan 2004

MICKY BOY - I can email you CD drivers if you need them (about 150K)

  [email protected]@m 13:25 20 Jan 2004

Forgot, you need the 98 OEM one.

  MICKY BOY 13:25 20 Jan 2004


Had to buy second hand copy of W95, as my re-installation disk that came with my computer could not be used because of all the additional hardware installed in the computer.

Tried using W95 start up disk if that is what you mean.


  spikeychris 13:33 20 Jan 2004

MICKY BOY if you have formatted a pre-installed system then any partition that contained the CAB files could of been killed. Doesn't matter though if you have another installation disk, you will however need another boot disk as 95 will not read the CD-ROM so you can type A through to Z and it wouldn't work.

Get a 98 boot disk from the link supplied by [email protected]@m and start again.


  spikeychris 13:36 20 Jan 2004

Or take advantage of the big heart of Big Elf....

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