Cannot find boot device

  rawprawn 07:57 16 Jun 2006

I have had this problem before, and after checking all the connections it started working again so I put it down to a bad connection (I found no problems). It has happened again this morning, and I got it to work by turning on & off a couple of times. It sounds like a switch problem to me, can anyone advise easy checks

  Wetwilly2005 08:27 16 Jun 2006

what computer have u gt ? what OS, Do you have anti-virus/firewall protection ? how old is the computer ? what speed harddisk do you have what make and model ? and have you got sufficiant cooling ?

  Sethhaniel 08:44 16 Jun 2006

If you cannot find Boot Device – check this:

Cmos setting on boot order

Need to recopy the boot sector to hard drive using system command

  rawprawn 08:48 16 Jun 2006

Dell Dimension 4300, Win XP Pro, F- Secure Security Suite 2006. The computer is 4½ years old,never yet had a cooling problem, don't immediately know about the HD will check.

  rawprawn 08:50 16 Jun 2006

G'day mate,will check Cmos, can you explain "Need to recopy the bbot sector to hd" please.

  rawprawn 09:08 16 Jun 2006

Two HD's Maxtor 6Y120l0 114gb and Maxtor 4D040H2 37gb, cannot find speeds.

  rawprawn 09:11 16 Jun 2006

Cannot find Cmos setting in Boot order, it just gives me the options to change from HD's to CD and Diskette. I have found Dell Bios seem to be different to other makes in the past.

  Sethhaniel 09:18 16 Jun 2006

The Hard Drive won't boot, or displays drive failure errors:
First of all, check for an error message on the screen and act upon what it says. Boot the system off a floppy. Use your system disk. Then see if you can read anything off of the Hard Drive. If so, the drive and controller are fine. Most likely, you have a damaged boot sector, possibly caused by an electric surge.
Recopy COMMAND.COM, AUTOEXEC.BAT, and CONFIG.SYS, then retest. If you get the error message, there is a chance your drive is dead or dying.

  SANTOS7 09:20 16 Jun 2006

Cannot find boot device is related to bad sectors on your HDD try MS scandisk and do a surface scan if these do not complete it may be that your HDD is failing..

  Sethhaniel 09:27 16 Jun 2006

the trouble I had recently which needed me to change hard drives was also on a Dell Machine with a Maxtor 20gig harddrive - click here
had a Maxtor hard disk test program which I ran and found no faults - but Genuine Windows XP will not laod onto it saying ther are unrecoverable faults - (My other threads)

No help but maybe conflict between microsoft & dell products ;)

  woodchip 09:28 16 Jun 2006

Go back into Comp, Give it a good clean including Fans The PSU is the hard bit as it locked in the Box at the top back. And this part may be where your problem lies.

PS for this kind of age computer it also sounds like it could have a burned connection giving just you problem. by arcing check all power plugs on the Mobo and Hard drive for burns.. You may see brown on the plastic

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