Cannot download Windows updates on desktop PC

  wildhouse 18:14 11 Aug 2016

My Dell Inspiron 620 (about 4-5 years old) is running unbelievably slowly, especially when browsing (and playing Farmville). I have tried everything, and am trying to download Windows updates (which I realised I hadn't done for about a year) but am unable to download them. I am constantly on 0% downloaded. I have left the PC running for several hours and tried just downloading one update to no avail. Among the error codes I get is WindowsUpdate_80070005. I have Googled and one suggestion is that I am not running as an Administrator. I have had this problem with other things, however, I am the only one who uses this PC and I have never set an administrator up. Any help greatly appreciated as I don't want to break the credit card buying a new PC to find my Internet speed is part of the problem - I want to try everything I can with my current PC first. It is an i5 2300 CPU @ 2.80 Ghz with 6GB RAM and a 64 bit system. It is running Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 11 Aug 2016

try the update troubleshooter from MS click here

  wildhouse 19:55 11 Aug 2016

Thanks, Fruit Bat. Trying that now - currently on the searching for updates - has been trying for 30 minutes - will give it an hour or two!

  wildhouse 21:04 11 Aug 2016

Have now been trying for over an hour and a half and it is still searching for updates so no joy here. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  wildhouse 16:02 12 Aug 2016

Gave up after 2 1/2 hours last night. Have now been trying for 7 hours and no joy. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  robin_x 16:31 12 Aug 2016

Try a System Restore to a previous time. (Press Windows key and R and type rstrui )

Your files and folders are not affected.


You can check if you have Admin privilege in User Accounts.

Try creating a new Account (with Admin rights)

  anniesboy68 16:40 12 Aug 2016

Yes that showed up.....C:\Windows\sysWOW64

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 12 Aug 2016

click here fixit tool 50202 will completely uninstall and reinstall windows update

save the file, do not run it automatically!

run the tool by double clicking agree to the license and leave the agressive box unticked click next tor run . If that doesn't fix the problem then run it again with the aggressive box ticked.

  anniesboy68 16:40 12 Aug 2016

oops sorry wrong post

  anniesboy68 16:42 12 Aug 2016

Try downloading file [search for it] wumtx64 or wumtx86 depending whether you are 32 or 64bit

  anniesboy68 16:44 12 Aug 2016

There is an underscore i.e _ between wumt and x64 which does not show up on the reply

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