Cannot download a website- what to do?

  newearwax 19:38 22 Jul 2005

For some time I have been registered with the online site of a quality national newspaper. In the last few weeks I have been unable to connect. I have checked by phone to see if the site is down but it is functional and they have received no other reports. I have considered System Restore but there is non prior to the problem. What happens is this.
1. I type in address
2. Page appears inviting me to log on and first bar of progress appears at bottom of screen
3. Nothing more happens. I have timed this well over 20mins.
4. Clicking on the log on or anywgere else is futile. I cannot go back, exit or anyhting. If I have used Open in another window, I am unable to go bacl to the forst window by clicking on blue bar at top.

5.Finally I am forced to log off by Contro; Alt Delete.

What is happening? have I got a bug or is it something else? Are there any nasties I should look for? May be there's a list somewhere?
I have Avast AV and ZA active and have run a thorough scan incl archive files. Are there setting that may need afjustment? Any help and advise will be appreciared to resolve the problem. Thanks all.

  octal 19:46 22 Jul 2005

Which newspaper is it? Maybe someone might be able to spot something which is stopping you. Does this happen after you've typed in your log-in details, you haven't made that clear.

Try lowering you security setting slightly and give it another try.

  newearwax 20:31 22 Jul 2005

Have I typed in log in details? No I don't get that far.Clicking on Register or Log in. The creen is completely lcoed up and the ptogress bar remains at one little green square. I have tried reducing security settings- no change! Newpaper is Daily Telegraph. click here

  octal 20:36 22 Jul 2005

Thanks, I've had a look at the page and can see nothing particularly special that would cause a problem. The only other thing I can think of at the moment is to clear your Temp Internet files and Cookies out and try again.

  newearwax 09:29 23 Jul 2005

I cleared out the files last night, as Octal suggested, and tried to use the site this morning. The progress stalled at the penultimate block, having gone through the others quite quickly. Then it hung but with another oddity; the screen was still locked but also when I moved the optical mouse across the blank page, the screen went black and then after further movement lightened again. On another occasion. The OEX In Box was partly showing through.
All very odd so come on guys more suggestions and advisefor poor old gogmagog, please!

  Stonechatz 09:34 23 Jul 2005

... about to collapse? My 'puter went all kinds of crazy just before my HIVE "died"!!! Backup your HIVE ...

  newearwax 10:35 23 Jul 2005

I'm a rabbit with thechie stuff like that. I would appreciate complete advice how I do that. I do not even know what a HIVE file is. All I can say is that the prblem is a B...!

  octal 10:58 23 Jul 2005

I can't help you with the HIVE file because I've never heard of it before, it's a pity Stonechatz hasn't come back with a bit more info. I did a quick Google click here= and this explains a bit about it click here

  octal 11:05 23 Jul 2005

I will add, I would be surprised if it is anything to do with that if your computer is working in all other respects. I've had a look through Google, I would be inclined to exhaust all other avenues before playing with HIVE or anything else to do with the registry because playing with HIVE looks a bit fraught.

Have you had problems with any other sites?

  newearwax 19:52 23 Jul 2005

//Have you had problems with any other sites?// I think I can recall one or two, but names escape me and as they weren't that important I just found another site for the info I wanted. Some sites have been quite slow but I put that down to site or ISP loadings. Oddly I tied to post this reply earlier today. The upload started vut aborted with that lovely white page <Cannot find...>. Logging on here to <My posts seems to produce, not always, time out error messages from the PCA site.

I'm thinking I may need consider using the Eveham Produxt Recovery disk, to reload windwos, but it will be a bit of a chore. is it a safe worthwhile option? Or are there anu more suggestions out there? Please.

  keith-236785 20:26 23 Jul 2005

As you seem to be experiencing problems just on the net, I would think it’s more of an internet problem than windows, especially if everything else works ok.

Have you checked your internet connection?

I sometimes get a real slowdown while browsing and find that by resetting my Broadband modem that it solves the problem. I just have to unplug the power and wait a few seconds, plug back in, reboot pc and my internet flies again.

sorry if it seems basic but its all I can think of, you have covered system restore and have anti-virus and firewall ok, only other thing is to check for Trojans (not sure if avast does that as I use AVG) if you do want to check, click here and download the 30 day trial, install and run a full will not delete any Trojans, just let you know if there are any and where they are so you can deal with them.

Good luck

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