cannot download anymore.

  elbecko 12:59 25 Jan 2010

hi there.

xp home, opera.

ever since i've had my pc, about 3yrs, i've experienced this same problem over and over again.

i'll click on a link or something and my mouse-pointer changes to an hourglass showing its busy. it'll stay this way forever basically, so i have to turn the pc off via the power button.

i will of course attempt to close my browser[it happens with all browsers], but all i get is a message such as 'opera not responding'.

this only happened once in a blue moon, so i just put up with it.

however now its happening almost all the time. i've just got my pc back from the repair shop and he has reformatted the hard drive for me. so its a complete new installation of windows xp. obviously i have to start again and begin downloading all the software i used to have, and that is really highlighting the problem.

i've managed to download four things so far, all the stuff such as a firewall, anti-virus/spyware.
now though, the pc won't allow me to download anything else. i've tried countless times but no joy. i get the busy signal and i cannot close my browser, so i have to turn it all off.

a week ago i found a 'nasty' when i scanned with A-Squared. it was named 'backdoor' something or other, anyway it was high risk. don't know if that is relevant, coz the problem has been going on for ages now, so probably isn't.

i have two questions.

can an xp installation disc habour a virus or something?
can a brand new computer tower, with no software on it, habour a virus. i suppose what i mean is, can i virus be in the motherboard or any other part of the 'workings' of the pc even before it has it's first user?

all help will be very, very much appreciated. i just don't know what to do. a few wks back i thought about getting windows 7, but now i'm afraid this nasty will be hanging around and simply show itself on any installation i try.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:18 25 Jan 2010

A virus will not be in the workings of the computer and not in the motherboard. A virus should not be on a new installation disc...unless a repair install was done.........
Download the free version of malawarebytes click here (if you can..if not download onto a memory stick from another computer). Install, update and do a full scan. Delete ALL it finds. Then do the same scan in safe mode.


  elbecko 14:01 25 Jan 2010

thank you for replying, however malwarebytes was one of the first things i downloaded.

i think the whole computer has had it to be honest, i can't see me ever getting rid of this problem!

  birdface 14:08 25 Jan 2010

have you tried running Task manager to see what is using up most of the CPU.[Right click Taskbar.Taskmanager.]
System idle process should be showing about 95% if nothing running this is normal.Post back if anything else using up a high % of the CPU.
Driver updates maybe you need some of your drivers updating.

If you have updated all microsoft updates for the computer maybe do a defrag .
Free or paid for version of A Squared.
If A Squared picks up any problems do not delete them just Quarantine them and if they prove to be false positives a Squared will enable them again in one of their next updates.

But like GANDALF <|:-)> says Update and run Malwarebytes first.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:10 25 Jan 2010

If the hard disk was reformatted and a new installation, there would be no chance of any Trojan or virus. You could also have a butcher' here click here . You could also try downloading Firefox and see if the problem persists.


  birdface 14:13 25 Jan 2010

It happens on all browsers.Maybe a Firewall problem.Which Firewall do you use and have you tried turning it off to see if it works ok without it.
Have you got the latest Java and Flash updates installed.

  Les28 15:38 25 Jan 2010

Anything at all showing in Windows Event Viewer about the time of these things happening?

That's click Start button, then Run, type eventvwr and click OK

Click on the Application and System tabs on the left pane and see if any warnings etc are showing in the right pane for the times of the problems. Any warnings there you can double click on the entry to get more details.

Also later in the Run box type sysdm.cpl and click OK. Then click on the Hardware tab and click on the Device Manager button, any of your devices showing warning signs?

How do you connect to the internet, wireless or wired, have you always had this problem with the same broadband router installed? Your filters don't need replacing do they where the router phone line connects to the wall phone socket?

Good idea as suggested to check out the firewall, maybe just go back to windows firewall for a while.

When you get the not responding sign can you press Ctrl Alt And Delete and bring up Task Manager and stop the browser process running, won't cure the problem but may save having to shut the pc down.

When did you find the nasty, was that before the reinstall of Windows?
XP SP3 now is it with all motherboard drivers installed?

  elbecko 09:01 28 Jan 2010

thanks so much for all your help everyone.

well i've finally made progress! i feel a little embarrassed, it seems that it could be my firewall or my antispyware software thats causing the problems.

i actually never checked all of that before as its the exact same setup i've always had, and never had any problems over the yrs.

i have the sunbelt firewall, spyware terminator, avg free, malwarebytes and a-squared. xp home and usually use opera.

i disabled the real time protection of spyware terminator and then tried to go to one of the sites i've been unable to load before, and it loaded. i then turned that back on and turned off my firewall, went for the same site and it was ok.

it seems that both of these things together are causing me problems. i don't know why as i've always had the two in the past.

i just managed to download belarc advisor, but had to turn spyware terminator off to do it. i'll start downloading all the software i used to have, and see how i go.

thanks again.

  birdface 09:30 28 Jan 2010

I have never used spyware terminator before but use the pay for version of A squared and that will stop certain websites from opening but it usually gives you a warning first whether you want to allow it or stop it is just a matter of going to Host rules on that and allowing the cookies on any site that you want to open.i would imagine it would be something similar on spyware terminator.
But worth having a look on both.
I also used to use Kerio Firewall and that may also have some sites blocked.
So a good search on all 3 till you find out what the problem is.
The real time protection you actually need on to stop getting infected from bad sites.

  Woolwell 10:35 28 Jan 2010

I think that you should stop the real-time element of Spyware Terminator or remove Spyware Terminator. My understanding is that this provides anti-virus and so does AVG. It is not advisable to have 2 anti-virus programs at the same time.

  birdface 11:04 28 Jan 2010

Sorry to disagree with you that meens that he would need to delete A squared as well as that also has anti-virus with it.They are designed to run with normal anti-Virus programs without causing problems.

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