Cannot download any files

  Nigelblueboy 18:12 24 Jul 2003

I have Win XP and IE6. For some reason I have recently been unable to download any files from the internet. If attempting to download a file from a site, I receive an error message basically stating thatthe download site is unavailable please try later. I don't believe this is the same for all sites that I am trying to download from and therefore think I have a fault on the pc.... can anybody please help.

  User-312386 18:50 24 Jul 2003

Have you an Administrator privileges on the PC or Limited?

  Nigelblueboy 19:23 24 Jul 2003

I have administrator privileges

  wee eddie 20:32 24 Jul 2003

Is there anything that you have changed recently, like downloading a new dialler.

  User-312386 21:22 24 Jul 2003

tell you what

throw some links down in here and we can all see if they are valid links or not

  Nigelblueboy 17:51 26 Jul 2003

Thanks guys, problem now solved by reinstalling xp...
Bit drastic I know but it did the trick

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