Cannot download any file and making a bad situation worse

  turtle85 10:00 16 Apr 2013

Hi all,

A few days ago I found that I could not open any attachments sent to me via email. The Windows Attachment Manager (I presume) would just give the message 'Failed - virus detected'. None of the files actually had viruses, I am positive. I knew I had updated AVG just before this; while I only remember installing something to do with Rootkits, I may have up allowed it to update another section, I just can't remember. The 'more information' option I saw when I right clicked the virus detection notification took me the WAM (Windows Attachment Manager) page and I have gone through the internet settings on the security tab, as it instructs, but nothing happened. I stupidly decided to uninstall AVG and 'start again' - this is when I realised that I cannot download ANY file - it doesn't have to be an email attachment, I can't download anything and always for the reason that a virus has been detected (torrents works fine though, rather ironically I feel). When I first uninstalled AVG I turned on Windows Defender (I'm not sure why it was off) and it turned on. That was yesterday. Today it will not turn on. I also tried a system restore and that did nothing that I can identify. Normally I google these problems and copy other peoples advice but I'm not writing the correct search words to find the same problem and nothing I am finding is working - or even possible as I can't download! Does anyone understand what I'm going on about?? I'm afraid I'm not a techie so sorry for bad explanation.. Would be very grateful for any help.

  northumbria61 11:55 16 Apr 2013

Are you able to download AVG files from another computer? If so then I would start there and reinstall it. I would also run Malwarebytes.

  northumbria61 11:59 16 Apr 2013

Try this link and download DAP (short for Download Accelerator Plus) to see if that will work for you. enter link description here

  wee eddie 14:38 16 Apr 2013

You appear to have some kind of infection!

Things to try:- I have never been in a position to need them, they are well spoken of but I cannot vouch for them.

McAfee Stinger

Hitman Pro


Trend Micro

Of the last, only parts are free and there have been several disagreements as to its efficacy.

  turtle85 17:31 16 Apr 2013

If I do have an infection wee edie, then I am surprised I got infected while I had AVG running as I thought it was a good anti-virus - despite this I think you are probably right. Will try and download Malwarebytes and a different antivirus software using your suggestion Northumbria61. Would DAP work as a replacement for WAM (Windows attachment manager)? Even if not, faster downloads (I live in hope here) always sound great so thanks for that thumbs up. Thanks for your help guys :)

  lotvic 21:05 16 Apr 2013

There obviously is some confusion re 'Windows attachment manager'

Suggest you read the info on and also

  northumbria61 21:47 16 Apr 2013

turtle85 - DAP is simply a download manager which I have used for many years - not to be confused with Windows Attachment Manager. DAP (free version) is much quicker than the normal Windows downloads

  martd7 12:51 17 Apr 2013

Can you run an online virus checker like trend micro?

Few years ago i had a virus that wouldnt let me download anything to do with an antivirus program or even an online scan i was directed towards a product called Combo-fix,which i was able to download

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