cannot download any .exe files

  L818 13:53 24 Jul 2003

This months mag showed how to tune up system xp pro.I tried now cannot download any exe files??

  Jester2K II 14:01 24 Jul 2003

So what happens when you try?

  L818 16:34 24 Jul 2003

When I attemt to download the blue microsoft screen appears says must close due to error please send report??

  spikeychris 16:42 24 Jul 2003

Does the machine restart? is there an error message? if not you can change the way XP handles problems. Its designed to reststart rather than giving you an error code.

Open Control Panel - System - Advanced

In the Startup and Recovery section (bottom) click on the Settings button
to open the Startup and Recover window.

In the System Failure (middle) section of that window there are 3
checkboxes, the bottom one labelled Automatically restart. Click on that
checkbox to clear it.

Click on OK and Apply as needed to exit.

After that change the computer will no longer restart when a system
failure occurs. Instead it will throw up a STOP error message and then halt completely, requiring a
manual power off and restart (or reset if it has a hardware reset switch).

But the contents of the STOP error message will give a specific clue as to
the underlying cause of the problem. Post the STOP message information
back here if you need advice or assistance with that.

  L818 16:49 24 Jul 2003

No the computer does not shut down or anything.Just when trying to download a .exe file the blue microsft error report screen shows and stops the download.Other than that the computer seems fine,just cannot upgrade any .exe files!! Tried to upgrade adbe acrobat,I have 5.0 and tried to upgrade to 6.0 when I first noticed this.Also have some upgrades for xp but cannot do.

  L818 16:50 24 Jul 2003

I looked at the reasons and it said nvidia.I have also downloaded the new drivers for the nvidia card.But do not see how that can cause the problem

  L818 10:30 25 Jul 2003

I want to upgrade to a newer version of XP pro,but when I start it says I can only do a clean install and will loose all data?? How can I save all my data?? about 80 cd's worth!!

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