cannot do a screenshot on my laptop

  davecartman 07:37 12 Mar 2019

Hi I am having difficulties with the HMRC website and have been asked to take a screenshot of what I am experiencing. This is something I am not familiar with but a quick Google says hold down FN key and PRTSC key but when I do this nothing happens. O.S. is windows 7 home premium. Any help would be much appreciated.

  hastelloy 07:41 12 Mar 2019

Hold down Alt key and press Print Screen key. Then open Word (or similar) and click on paste.

  davecartman 07:53 12 Mar 2019

Hi Hastelloy Thanks for quick reply, I did not realise I had to open and paste to Paint. I was expecting some sort of window to open when I pressed the keys so thought nothing was happening. I should be able to sort it now, thanks again.

  john bunyan 10:52 12 Mar 2019

On latest Windows 10 snipping tool has been replaced with Snip and Sketch.

Snip And sketch

  john bunyan 10:53 12 Mar 2019

On W7 I guess snipping tool is still in use.

  wee eddie 11:36 12 Mar 2019

I appear to have both.

Just open the Windows Logo at the Bottom Left of the Task Bar and type "Snip"

  davecartman 08:36 14 Mar 2019

Thanks for info' on snipping tool, I simply did not realise it existed. Doh

  Gordon Freeman 08:50 14 Mar 2019

On win 10 you can drag snipping tool to the bottom taskbar area so it's always there for you to single click, as opposed to having to search for it every time. Might be worth seeing if you can do that on win 7, I'm sure you can.

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