Cannot display web page hwlp

  Wildberry496 11:45 29 Mar 2018

My laptop will connect to my hotspot,I always get cannot display web page.i have windows inspiron b130

  wiganken2 14:01 29 Mar 2018

Windows xp is no longer supported and some web pages will refuse you access. The google and gmail websites are examples but there will be more because it is not cost effective to support retired OSs. In some cases you may connect OK but, as time goes on, you will have more and more trouble.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 29 Mar 2018

and a lot of browers will no longer work in XP you may need to revert to an old version of IE8 for example.

  Jollyjohn 15:44 29 Mar 2018

Firefox still works on my XP here

  wiganken2 16:25 29 Mar 2018

You are still going online with Windows xp? It is almost 4 years since extended support for xp ended (8th April 2014) and I would be concerned about your security if I were you. Hackers, virus and malware writers have now had 4 years to come up with attacks on xp users. Just a thought.

  Wildberry496 16:42 29 Mar 2018

Ok how do I switch to ie8

  wiganken2 18:14 29 Mar 2018

Firefox v52.3.0 still works on xp but support for this web browser ends June 2018. See click here

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