Cannot display this video mode

  selotape 21:00 22 Oct 2007

Hi, am non- techie, so please bear with me!

On trying to start my PC I get an onscreen message 'cannot display this video mode'

I have a Dell dimension 8250 with a 17" flat panel monitor and am running XP Pro.

I have had this problem on and off for a few months, but ususally after a few presses on and off of the power button the PC comes on as normal. Today, however, I can only get the message.

When the message is on the screen the PC stops i.e. there is no noise and the flashing lights stop flashing.

Any ideas of help would be greatly appreciated, as I have data that I haven't backed up (sorry!) and am getting despereate!

Thanks :)

  SANTOS7 21:09 22 Oct 2007

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It seems to be a screen resolution issue, the link should resolve your problem for you,good luck...

  selotape 21:15 22 Oct 2007

"2. When the message Starting Windows... appears, press the <F8> key.
The Please select the option: screen appears."

Thanks, but I can't get that far! Just get the 'cannot display this video screen' message and that sits on the screen!

Any other ideas????

  SANTOS7 21:19 22 Oct 2007

You need to start up in "safe mode" keep pressing F8 as you start up, it should get you there..

  selotape 21:27 22 Oct 2007

tried that - nothing!

  SANTOS7 21:28 22 Oct 2007

Haven't deserted you selotape, but i've got to go out, hopefully someone else will take up your thread, if not i will gladly try some other ideas when i return...

  selotape 21:31 22 Oct 2007

Thanks Santos - enjoy yourself!

  ambra4 04:21 23 Oct 2007

“Cannot display this video mode”

This error indicates that current monitor refresh rate is not correct via your display card i.e. out of monitor range.

Connect a difference monitor and change the refresh rate to the correct rate for the 17" flat panel monitor try 60Hz once set plug back in the flat panel monitor and see if it work

  selotape 09:31 23 Oct 2007

Thanks - have also tried that and get the same message on the second monitor! So cannot change the settings.

  selotape 09:33 23 Oct 2007

Thanks , have tried that but still get the same error message on the second screen, so cannot change any settings.

  ambra4 11:41 23 Oct 2007

was it a crt or lcd if a lcd try a crt monitor

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