cannot disable on board graphics on Compaq presario SR 1619

  steadman7 11:03 27 Dec 2011

I need to disable o/b graphics to use a new PCI-E graphics card (ATI HD 5450). PC has Ameythyst 7184 m/b but in the Bios the video window is set at 64 but is grey, ie cannot be changed. I suspect the disable option is there but I can't get to it. The 'primary graphics adaptor' can be set at On Board/PCI/PCI-E but whichever is selected the graphics window size remains grey and there is no output to monitor from either device whenever the PCI-E card is physically installed. Provided the PCI-E card is not installed there is output to the monitor (from the o/b socket) whichever primary graphics adaptor option is selected. Any help to disble o/b graphics would be greatly appreciated.

  northumbria61 11:21 27 Dec 2011

You may be able to disable via Device Manager

  rdave13 11:25 27 Dec 2011

If this is the board, link it looks as it should disable the onboard graphics automatically. The way I installed my Gforce card was to install the drivers for it first, using onboard graphics, then I shut down and installed the new card. Connected the monitor to it and was running ok on bootup.

  KRONOS the First 11:27 27 Dec 2011

Unfortunately the manual was of no help:MS-7184. Specification. I am just grabbing at straws here. Have you tried inserting the card then seeing if the settings in the BIOS can be changed?

  steadman7 11:27 27 Dec 2011

Thanks but I can't get to windows as there is no monitor output once the PCI-E card is fitted. Do you mean disable via DM when the PC is running normally and then shutdown and fit the PCI-E card. Is there a risk that the PC then won't restart at all?

  KRONOS the First 11:32 27 Dec 2011

Well spotted *rdave13 * I missed that bit of the spec. Still it does not seem to be working. I am not sure your way of installing drivers will necessarily work as ATI will actually flash up an error message is no compatible hardware is found. Worth a try though.

  KRONOS the First 11:33 27 Dec 2011

Who are you replying to?

  KRONOS the First 11:35 27 Dec 2011

Don't know what happened there,posted before I had finished.If it was me? You should still be able to access the bios if the new card is fitted.

  rdave13 11:37 27 Dec 2011

Chronus, had the very same problem on my Foxconn board, would not detect the new card without installing the drivers. Don't know about ATI drivers though.

  steadman7 11:43 27 Dec 2011

Thanks rdave and others

The PC won't POST with the PCI-E card fitted so I can't see how installing under Windows will resolve this. Similarly I can't see how disabling ob graphics in Windows device manager will help as the problem on restart is before Windows loads. I can't easily try these ideas as the PC (but not the new card) is now ~ 100 miles away with my daughter. I wondered about 'use factory settings' in the BIOS. I can get my daughter to try things over the phone, but not 'on demand'! This all relates to a new game (Sims3) my grandaughter has had for Christmas which I don't think will work with ob graphics.

Thanks for your help which is appreciated

  SparkyJack 17:19 27 Dec 2011

I suspect that you all seem to be getting in a fix about things

All you have to do is install the card. Plug the monitor to card Install the driver/utilities disk that came with card. Its all plug and pray. There is no need to 'disable anything' if no monitor is plugged to the onboard it wont show anything.

Or am I that far behind the times- after all I rebuilt this machine only 3 months ago with a Foxconn bundle from Novatech.

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