cannot detect the modem since virus

  morris948 20:04 14 Jan 2005

I am helping a friend who has a PC on winxp pro sp1.
PCcillin detected a virus after he did an update, the virus reported 'BKDR_small,BS'. pccillin quarantined it but ever sinse this event he could not connect to the internet.
i suggested to use system restore, but the system restore was missing from the admin tools list, so i found the rstrui.exe file and created short cut.

All the restore points failed to work, giving a message 'system restore failed'

After reloading the OS with the XP cdrom, the stytem restore worked correctly and appeared in the admin tools list.

But the modem has never worked sinse, the software drivers are loaded, but the hardware detects the modem and the wizard starts up.
When you choose install the device it start to load and shows the device 'Hayes v.92 faxmodem' and the files transfering to a folder icon, then it creates a restore point, shortly after, a message window appears saying 'cannot install the modem'

I have tried various PCI slots and tried my own modem card, but its the same problem.

Any ideas please?

  Androcles 20:23 14 Jan 2005

Try downloading a driver from here:-click here
Hayes Microcomputer Products 15400 driver - Hayes Microcomputer Products modem drivers - Hayes Accura V90 Voice Faxmodem Drivers for Win2k and
onto the desktop of your own computer then transfer it to floppy or cd and install it on your friends computer.Hope this helps.Regards.

  morris948 20:30 14 Jan 2005

But i am using the driver CDROM that came with the modem.
The software driver installs fine, and i made sure that i installed the drivers before phsically installing the hardware.
The 'Found new hardware' balloon indicates the name of the modem and initiates the hardware wizard which starts to search for the driver in system 32 folder.
It gets so far and the says 'Cannot install the Modem' it gives no other reason why it cant install the modem and it does this when i try a different modem card which i have the CDROM driver for as well.

  jack 20:30 14 Jan 2005

Also to get it up and running
Install a new modem useung select from list and install the Standard 56k modem.

This will work any modem.

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