Cannot delete information downloading from camera

  dugit 15:09 09 Nov 2004

I am using windows xp to download digital photographs from canon s410 using "scanner and camera wizard".
When I come to :
"1.Type a name for the group of pictures."
I can add names but cannot remove them, any suggestions on how to remove them?

  Spanglish 15:36 09 Nov 2004

If you do not have another programme ( Paint shop Adobe or similar ) you can use XP:
Use Explore to find the image that you would like to change the name of , Right click which will give you the option of "rename". Very time consuming if you have a large amount of images.
Though I am not%100 sure I think Fuji Fine Pix viewer is a freebie and will do all the images in one go.

  dugit 16:02 09 Nov 2004

It is not an image I am trying to remove but the title name for a number of images which can be downloaded when using "scanner and camera wizard"

  Spanglish 21:41 10 Nov 2004

The info in my last post is not for removing the image it is for changing the name of the file.
Have you tried the Finepix Viewer? It will allow you to bulk changeb the file name of images.

  shizzy 22:11 10 Nov 2004

Once they are in My Pictures you can right click on the folder that you wish to change and left click on rename.

  dugit 14:30 11 Nov 2004

Apologies for the late reply by me.
I dont know whether I have explained the problem properly :
When downloading from the camera with "scanners and camera wizard" you come up to
"Picture name and destination .
1.Type a name for this group of pictures"
Inside the box you can type names for groups of pictures, which I now have many, but cannot remove any of them.If I right click in the box I get:
"Undo/Cut/copy/paste/delete/select all etc" but nothing seems to remove the type names I have put in.

  jack 14:38 11 Nov 2004

As usual I suspect the answer to this is not to use third party software to move files[images ]around let Xp do with the usual right click to copy/delete/rename; what have you.

  dugit 15:13 11 Nov 2004

I am using windows Xp to download .

  Stuartli 15:28 11 Nov 2004

Your camera should have the ability to open the pix files via a drive letter such as R (Removeable) when connected with a USB cable.

Opening Explore from My Computer should reveal the R (or similar) drive in the drives list below A, C, D, E etc.

You can then drag and drop the files as you wish to My Pictures or similar folder from R.

The pix files should be deleted in the camera if required (once available on your system) and not from your system's R drive, otherwise you will have to reformat the memory card in the camera.

  Como2 15:31 11 Nov 2004

Did you not get the Canon cd with your camera ?
This give several utilities to use with Canon cameras

If not you can download the file from the Canon website

  dugit 15:47 11 Nov 2004

Yes I did get a CD with the camera but have been trying to use windows xp as I preferred the way it numbered each picture as opposed to the way the camera software numbered each picture.

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