cannot delete folder on my web space

  hugh-265156 16:59 22 Dec 2003

hi all,this is driving me nuts lol!

i was just trying to upload my ie6 favorites to my webspace as another back up and realised half way through uploading them that i should have zipped them up first as each folder was listed seperatly,so i canceled the upload.

i deleted each folder from the webspace ok but one folder remains(no contents in it) and i cannot delete it.i can upload things to that folder ok or even rename it if i want but still cannot delete.

using cute ftp i get the error "Requested action not taken (e.g., file or directory not found, no access)" when trying to delete it.

any ideas?

  Forum Editor 18:59 22 Dec 2003

If so, create another folder and put this one into it. Assuming you're on a Unix server, use the CHMOD commands in your FTP program to give full read/write/execute permissions to the new folder. Then assign the same permissions to the troublesome folder and then delete the new folder.

  hugh-265156 19:06 22 Dec 2003

thanks,will give it a whirl.

  hugh-265156 19:57 22 Dec 2003

its ntlhome/apache server

i created a new folder and moved the folder i want rid of into this new one ok.

it wont let me change the permissions though and they were already set for me as full.

the error i get when trying to change permissions is:

"SITE CHMOD 755 Syntax error, command unrecognized"

also tells me "File exists ERROR:>Requested action not taken (e.g., file or directory not found,no access"

  hugh-265156 01:44 23 Dec 2003


  hugh-265156 16:07 23 Dec 2003


  Chegs ® 22:57 23 Dec 2003

click here

If all else fails....ask my mate google,it seems to know lots about everything. :-)

  hugh-265156 23:04 23 Dec 2003

google is my friend Chegs ®

fell out with me receintly though.cant get this to folder delete.

  hugh-265156 00:09 24 Dec 2003

also posted click here

please read to see what i have tried.

thank you.

  hugh-265156 23:59 05 Apr 2005

i just thought i would update this thread as i have literally just this minute sorted this little problem out with the help of the nthellworld cable forum user forum so thought i would post the details here in case somebody else had this problem.

i was informed that UNIX servers hide files inside a folder that start with a period. as the only thing i had ever uploaded to this folder was my IE6 favorites i trawled through them all :-) and found one for musicbrigade i had saved, in its properties the name was shown as '. musicbrigade .' so this looked like it could be the culprit.

i have only just found out recently that you can access ftp sites via 'start/run' in xp so i used this to log on to upload.ntlworld and navigated to the folder i could not delete and opened it. typing 'LS' showed the folder was empty so thinking the musicbrigade shortcut was maybe the problem i tried as instructed the command:

dele ". musicbrigade ..url" (with quotes) and it said command successful.

i then opened my ftp software and was able to delete the folder it was hiding in.

YAY! at last :-)

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