cannot delete file

  User-62867364-3606-4576-A88A08B6DEF61BF7 07:09 03 Aug 2004

While on MSN Messenger I downloaded a file and now I cannot delete it. I dont seem to be able to start the pc in safe mode so that I can try and delete it. I have tried to start the pc by pressing and holding CTRL but no joy, I then tried the same with F8 still not joy. I have made a start up disk. can I start in safe mde with the start up disk?

  temp003 09:50 03 Aug 2004

F8 is the right key to press. If it's XP, you can also try F7.

You can also try msconfig to restart in Safe Mode.

For 98/ME, click Start, Run, type msconfig and press Enter. Under General tab, click Advanced. Tick Enable Startup Menu. OK. Restart.

For XP, in msconfig, choose the boot.ini tab, then tick the /safeboot option, OK, restart.

If you still can't get into Safe Mode, or can't delete the file in Safe Mode, post back with info on OS, where is the file located, and what is the file name?


Managed to get into safe mode. Still cannot delete file. When I try to delete I get this message:

"Cannot delete file. The file name specified is invalid or too long. Specify a different file name"
When I try to rename I get the same message.
The file is in My documents\My Music. Cannot post the name because is too rude. My OS is Windows 98se

  rawprawn 12:26 03 Aug 2004

You could try and edit out of the registry, but be carefull and back up the registry before you start in case of any mistakes. Go to Start/Run/ Type regedit/Enter/Make sure My Computer is Highlighted then click/Edit/Find and type the exact name of the file in the box/click Find Next. Delete anything it finds but don't touch anything else/click find next and do the same. Keep doing this until it finds no more.To backup the registry Click File/Export, and choose where you want it to go/Save. You can restore the registry by double clicking this file. I would only use this method as a last resort.

I have now resolved the problem. I downloaded a little program called delete on boot and hey presto offending file deleted

  rawprawn 10:11 06 Aug 2004

Could you give us a link to this program, I would be very interested.

  Adam87 10:54 06 Aug 2004

Lol I had same problem. You got it from Win MX?? I just created another folder called it My Music and copied all the files from the original to the new 1 and then deleted the old folder with the file in it.

  iambeavis 14:13 06 Aug 2004

Could this click here be the programme.

  rawprawn 14:44 06 Aug 2004

Thankyou, that may come in very handy. I already use Clean disc security from that company & I am very pleased with it.

  iambeavis 14:52 06 Aug 2004

Glad to be of assistance. Cheers.

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