Cannot delete a contact on Windows live mail

  Govan1x 08:45 04 Nov 2018

For some reason I Cannot delete a contact on Windows live mail.

He is a relation but has had security problems before on his laptop and recently had his credit card hacked.

So thought that I would delete him as a contact then reinstall him but there is no edit for him and he appears as a network which he is not. And just cannot delete him . If I right click him the only option I get is to add him to favorites.

He also appears under social networks.

Is there any way of deleting him from my Contacts.

  wee eddie 11:10 04 Nov 2018

Govan1x, there is a layer of misunderstanding here that I am not qualified to correct.

However, having his email address on your PC, both in the past and in the future, does not put you, or your PC. at risk.

The person, or organisation, which hacked his PC will have all the information that he had on you at the time in the past. BUT, they will also have the same information on several million other PCs as well and they may never get round to looking at your bit.

  Govan1x 12:15 04 Nov 2018

Yup I was thinking the same wee eddie that is not the problem though.I was just thinking why it is so hard to remove a contact that you no longer want.

it is just the problem that I cant remove it that is the problem. Just annoying more than anything else. And just wondering why it should come under network and not Personal like the rest of them.

I have another one that comes as Network echo 123 but I know that has something to do with Skype and cant be removed. it can be removed of course but is a bit awkward to do so have just left it.

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