Cannot create depth buffer

  Rusty_2004uk 13:34 24 Jun 2004

Does anyone know what exactly this means or how to sort it?
It pops up when I try to run a new game!
I have limited knowledge of software problems and would appreciate any help.

  SANTOS7 14:30 24 Jun 2004

i have a feeling this is game related and a directx issue it may well be if it is a game it might not be directx compat, will search some more.

  SANTOS7 14:33 24 Jun 2004

sorry had a moment i can see from your thread it is game related (me idiot)

  SANTOS7 14:33 24 Jun 2004

sorry had a moment i can see from your thread it is game related (me idiot)

  Rusty_2004uk 13:03 25 Jun 2004

The game requires directx 9, which i have running on my machine. Maybe my pc does not register it properly???

  Colin 13:15 25 Jun 2004

What sort of graphics card does your PC have?
What game are you trying to run?

  Rusty_2004uk 13:23 25 Jun 2004

According to Dxdiag

Card name: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip type: Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller

The game is Breed.

Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.

  Colin 12:51 27 Jun 2004

The only thing I can suggest is to install a graphics card instead of using the onboard Intel graphics, which aren't really up to running a game like Breed. The specs for the game are:

Recommended Requirements:

800 Mhz CPU
DirectX 8
256 MB RAM
Twenty Four (24x) CD-ROM Drive or faster
128 MB Graphics Accelerator
DirectX-compatible 16-Bit sound card
1.6 GB Hard Drive Space

  Rusty_2004uk 09:09 28 Jun 2004

Thanks Colin,

I actually bought a 128mb graphics accelerator 100% DX 9 compatible AGP card this weekend though despite my PC stating AGP graphics there was no AGP slot when I went to install it.
As a last question before I mark as resolved,

Can anybody recomend a Graphics card for PCI that suits the needs above?

  Colin 12:57 28 Jun 2004

The above card is still available in PCI form.
DABS have them for £57.50 Ref: 2W68WS.

The onboard graphics are AGP, but a low performer. Most motherboards do have an AGP slot, but it sounds like your PC is a value model?

  Rusty_2004uk 13:11 28 Jun 2004

It definately isn't a top of the range model!!!

I am hoping to up grade bit by bit, maybe I should start with the motherboard!!

Thanks for the recomend. I will try that one out.

thanks for the help.

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