cannot copy hard drive containing XP

  [DELETED] 12:05 01 Aug 2003

The saga continues,had one last attempt with western digitals disc for the format and trasfer of files out or 72215 gb 7188.8 were transferd with the error message reading drive 80 i/o timeout sector 4097161143 result=4
had a final go in the windows enviroment with xxcopy and cloning,failed to copy 128 files and the drive would not boot when tested.Could not repair with the xp cd rom so am attempting to reload xp on the copy drive in the hope that will do the trick if it doesnot I do not know what else to do

  Philip2 16:25 01 Aug 2003

If a floppy came with your hard drive it should have unless your drive is OEM you can use write zeros to disk this wipes the disk so all data will be lost when it is complete your HARD Drive should be ok to re install your OS,if you still have a problem the Westen Digital support i found helpful.

  [DELETED] 17:03 01 Aug 2003

Completed a copy with the xxcopy thing the original drive has now had to go back to the owner but the copy is missing some files that wouldnot copy when you boot up the message the windows\system32\config\system is missing or corrupt comes up.i have tried the xp repair but cant really get to grips with there any way to install xp to replace the files without destroying what is on the drive already,or is there a way to get into xp so the system restore can be used.Failing all this how would you use the xp repair to fix this problem

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