Cannot copy the DVD I have just made

  kjrider 16:21 02 Mar 2005

I have just used my new Resilys DVR250 recorder to transfer some old Beta videocassettes to DVD.

I used the SLP mode which can give 6 hours on a blank DVD.

When I try to copy it on my PC, I don't have any success. Both Nero and DVD Shrink 3.2 won't take it.

Tried to copy the files from the DVD directly to my HD and it goes from 4.4Gbz on the DVD to 7.9Gbz on the HD! So I can't put them back onto one DVD.

Anyone any ideas? Otherwise I will re-copy them again, but using the normal mode this time.

  €dstowe 16:53 02 Mar 2005

Never had any success with these "super economy" modes of DVD recording.

I think that the normal mode would be best, as you suggest. This is important if your copies are of any value to you (even the first copy from the betamax tape)

  Completealias 17:00 02 Mar 2005

If you copy the files onto your hard drive you can then use dvd shrink to compress them back down to fit onto 1 disc

  Fellsider 19:03 02 Mar 2005

When you first started to write the data to the DVD you should have had the facility to save a disk image. This could then be used to write another copy.

  kjrider 20:07 02 Mar 2005

Thanks for the input.

DVD shrink will not recognise the file format of the DVD so I can't compress it.

Any other useful copying progs?

  kjrider 23:06 02 Mar 2005

Can play the DVD in the PC.

When I try to copy with DVD Shrink its 'Unrecognised file format - invalid DVD navigation structure.

I just thought I could put in the DVD & copy it! Ha Ha.

  kjrider 08:38 03 Mar 2005

There are two folders. In the smaller one, Video_RM, there are IFO, DAT, BUP files. In the Video_TS folder there are IFO, VOB and BUP files.

  Fellsider 10:12 03 Mar 2005

You'll probably have to have all of the files to copy in a dedicated folder for DVD shrink.

If you haven't, then it is possibly failing because it is trying to use a file it doesn't need.

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