"Cannot copy...: the directory cannot be created?"

  Antonio Machado 09:54 30 Jun 2010

Hello experts:

I want to copy some pictures from my Hard Drive to a SanDisk Ultra Compact Flash, 2 GB, 15MR/s but it appears this message. What is it about ? what does that mean ? and most importantly what can I do to perform the "copy" function I want to ? Thanks in advance, all the best, Antonio.

  scotty 10:59 30 Jun 2010

Some flash memory devices have a write protect switch. Check if your's is switched to lock. If it is, nothing can be written to the device.

  gengiscant 11:10 30 Jun 2010

There will be a small switch on the side,slide it up or down.

  northumbria61 11:18 30 Jun 2010

On the left side may be a write-protection notch. If this is present, the card cannot be written. If the notch is covered by a sliding write protection tab, or absent, then the card is writeable. Because the notch is detected only by the reader, the protection can be overridden if desired (and if supported by the reader). Not all devices support write protection, which is an optional feature of the SD standard.

Some SD cards have no write-protection notch.

  sherwoodsolns 22:49 30 Jun 2010

question: can you copy the files to elsewhere on the hard disk? if the copy/paste command on the right click context menu is "greyed" out then you may have a malware infection.
question: is the usb device detected in windows? can you read from the device?
can you just click on the sandisk and create an empty directory?
these will give you quick answers to the problem rather than looking for the write protect switch on the stick, which I assume you have already checked and ruled out or found is the answer (you did didn't you?)

  Antonio Machado 23:01 30 Jun 2010

Hello experts ! Just to tell everybody here thank you very much for making time to help me. The problem was that the original directory (file) of the SD card was too small capacity for the 500 pictures I wanted to copy, so somebody suggested me to create a file/folder first and they copy all the pictures to it, I did it and it went through smoothly. Thank you everybody here ! isn't it a great and helpful community? Best, Antonio Machado.

  Antonio Machado 23:03 30 Jun 2010

A special note to thank you directly my friend, you really took time to give me several suggestions. A +++ . Best, Antonio.

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