Cannot Connect Sony Bravia to Netgear Router-Wired

  JMom77 22:27 23 Jan 2011

I cannot make my Sony Bravia Connect to our Network using a Cat5 cable directly connected to the Router. (Netgear) The Wireless works just fine as both of our laptops and our son's Wii are connected without issue...

I have rebooted everything multiple times, did a hard restore on the television. When we connect directly to the Modem. the TV will connect to the internet. But when we use the router.. No go..

What am I doing?

  mgmcc 09:18 24 Jan 2011

This is a "long shot", and I don't know if it applies to you, but some Netgear routers won't allow a network adapter to connect if its MAC address (physical address) doesn't start with "00".

If this is the case, updating the router's firmware *might* resolve the problem.

  JMom77 13:24 25 Jan 2011

Thank you.. How do I go about giving that a try?

  mgmcc 17:42 25 Jan 2011

Firstly, I'd try to establish what the MAC address of the TV's network adapter is. I can tell you how to find the MAC address of a PC's adapter, but I've no idea how to find a TVs. It could be on the label with serial number and other details.

If it definitely doesn't start with "00", then you'd have to go to Netgear's website and download the latest firmware for your router. There will be an option in the router's configuration pages to update the firmware and the procedure will involve 'browsing' to the location in the PC where you saved the file. This assumes that you have a standard retail version of the router. If it was supplied by Sky or one of the Virgin Media brands (Telewest/NTL), it will probably not be possible to change the firmware. In the case of Sky, changing the firmware might prevent it from continuing to work with Sky.

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