Cannot connect to Router

  Ollyolly 16:50 31 May 2012

My daughter came home for the week-end. Today she has returned to University. Yesterday her laptop connected to our home router without any problems.

She has just phoned up to say her Win7 latop and Mac book can both see numerous wireless networks around where she lives but cannot see the router in her lounge.

She has restarted the computers and the router. She has checked the wireless on/off on the laptops are set to on. She has pressed the reset button on the router. All to no avail.

An hour on the phone to TalkTalk and the best they could come up with was to reset the computers back to factory settings. I told her no!

The chance of both computers going wrong at the same time was remote.

To me the router seems the problem.

Has anyone else got any other ideas?

Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:36 31 May 2012

Looks as if the router is set to not broadcast the SSID so no laptops or pCs in range can see it.

Win 7 connect here

Apple OS 10.5

Open script editor

if you know the network ssid name type this :

do shell script "networksetup -setairportnetwork {server SSID name} {password} | /bin/bash"

. Between the colon and the period is all you need to have in the applescript.

Then save it as an application that is run only. Your done.

Now you have an app that will automatically connect to the network when it is opened. If you want to edit the application save a script version as well. Hope that helps.

  lotvic 18:10 31 May 2012

Some think hiding the SSID is a waste of time ClickHere and Here

  Ollyolly 19:07 31 May 2012

Thank you Fruitbat and Lotvic.

I've had a look at your links and can see that I may have problems expalining to my daughter via the phone what you are suggesting.

I should have said in my opening post is that last week both computers connected to the router without any problems.

So unless the router or computers have changed settings I don't think 'not broadcasting the SSID' may be the problem.

Thank you anyway.

  rdave13 19:15 31 May 2012

If the router has been re-set, using a paper clip (or similar) in the small hole at the back, then it will need to be set-up again via an ethernet cable, the laptop and TT's disc or done manually.

  Ollyolly 19:18 31 May 2012

Thanks rdave13.

I'll give my daughter a ring (at least the phone line is working) and pass on your message.


  Ollyolly 19:41 01 Jun 2012


My daughter tried with the CD but at stage 4 of 6 it gave her the message 'could not find router'.

Another call to TalkTalk resulted in a much more helpful guy who went through resetting the router in a different manner. The laptops now find the router.

Not sure what the problem really was but she is a happy bunny now.

I've told her to write down what she did while it is fresh in her mind just in case it happens again.

Thanks for your help and thatnks to the others.

  rdave13 20:02 01 Jun 2012

Ollyolly good you are sorted. Possibly the router was only half re-set. To re-set a modern modem/router it needs the button held in for 30 seconds then the power turned off with the button still pressed. With the button still pressed the power should be turned on with the re-est button still held in for 30 seconds. That ensures a complete reset to factory settings though would not affect a firmware update.

  john bunyan 20:18 01 Jun 2012

I have a Belkin N+ 300 Share router with Talk Talk. I had a big problem the other day and Talk Talk this time only offered to send me one of their routers as mine was bought by me. They wanted me to sign up to a18 months contract (on a rolling one month now) In the end Belkin were very helpful on the phone and sorted it out. (All to do with some power supply problems where the mains flickering altered router settings)

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