Cannot connect PC to BT ADSL.

  Ineke 18:58 06 May 2005

A fortnight’s struggle and still no success! Our PC works perfectly well (Pentium III 450 mhz, 40 GB hard disc, Windows ME) and we have had an Internet connection for years, but we cannot get our new Broadband going.
During installation of ‘Help’ software, the warning “The Motive Chorus client has encountered a fatal error and will close” appears. However, installation appears to continue.
No problems connecting power to router and router to microfilter. When connecting router to PC (Ethernet) the aforementioned warning reappears, followed by “Autodown has caused error in (unknown) Autodown will now close.” When attempting to dial out for connection we get “Broadband connection not detected.”
We did a total system check, which did not show any conflicts or defects and we have been able to connect my laptop (Windows XP) without any problems. But, this is not very practical for all sorts of reasons and we want to connect our ‘family’ PC. All suggestions more than welcome! (We know we should have stuck to our old, slow, but working connection.)

  Colinp 19:17 06 May 2005

Uninstall then try re installing?

  VoG II 19:22 06 May 2005
  Ineke 10:23 07 May 2005

Thanks Colinp and VoG.
Husband has uninstalled and reinstalled everything umpteen times without any success.
I don't think he has tried the suggestions given on the "click here" page, supplied by VoG. That'll be next on the programme. I will report back in due time. (We're only on line when I do not need laptop for other things, so it may take a while!)

  Ineke 10:32 29 May 2005

Removing the BT Yahoo Help software, got rid of the 'Motive Chorus' message, but we are now facing "Y Browser has caused an error in unknown. Y Browser will now close" when attempting to connect to BT Yahoo Broadband. It also does not accept the password.

We had password problems when connecting the laptop, but could solve that by clicking the 'forgot password' link. With the main pc we do not get far enough to do that, because of the Y Browser error massage.

BT seems to have given up on us and it looks as if we have to struggle along with the laptop. This is very inconvenient, as it means connecting and disconnecting everything, whenever we want to check our email. And worse, we have no Internet whenever the laptop is out of the house. Unless you people who really know about these things, come up with the solution!

  jolorna 11:59 29 May 2005

which bb package are you on?
are you using the supplied modem?

  Ineke 10:24 30 May 2005

We signed up for the £27.99 a month package, with a 15 GB monthly allowance. We received the BT Voyager 205 modem-router and extra microfilters. These were installed and work fine with my Toshiba laptop (Windows XP), but we cannot connect our main pc. We are wasting a lot of time and money and have gained a lot of aggro. Wish we were never seduced by the BT advertisements!!!

  jolorna 10:36 30 May 2005

can you not just install the voyager software only onto your laptop and then just plug your main pc into the 2nd router port & it should have a internet connection?

  Ineke 11:50 31 May 2005

I'm sure husband has tried that, but I'll check up on it. I'll be back, hopefully tomorrow, and report back. Thanks for your interest, makes me feel less abandoned!

  jolorna 12:03 31 May 2005

if the laptop has the software installed then it should be connected via the usb cable from the modem and then just plug your ethernet cable from the router to the ethernet card in your me computer to enable internet access from it

  Ineke 12:27 31 May 2005

The laptop is connected via the usb cable from the modem. I'll ask husband to do as you suggest the minute I'm home (am currently working elsewhere).
Do you mean the laptop has to be on/connected to Broadband when we try?

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