Cannot connect to internet with wireless

  Darklord2150 10:43 19 Feb 2006

I have a Linksys WRT54GS router. I have two PCs connected to the router; one wired, one wireless. The wired PC can connect to the internet without any problems while the wireless laptop can connect to the router (it can also enter the router config menu) but cannot connect to the internet. The router appears to give the laptop the correct IP address (PC gets, laptop gets There is no security on the router yet as I wanted to fix this problem first. The router also shows both my wired PC and the wireless laptop on the DHCP clients table. The signal rating is "Excellent" so it is not a problem with the signal as the laptop is about 3ft away.

  wideboy 10:49 19 Feb 2006

Sounds like a problem with internet setup. Go into Tools - Internet Options - Connections - LAN Settings. Check that Automatically Detect Settings is checked & Proxy Server is unchecked. If nothing else, this will be a starting point.

  keewaa 10:56 19 Feb 2006

and in same place, check never dial a connection is ticked. Also disable all software firewalls until setup. Have you actually scanned for available networks and connected.

  Darklord2150 11:03 19 Feb 2006

Yeah the Internet Options settings are correct and the laptop does find the router and will connect. I disabled the software firewall but still no internet.

  keewaa 14:00 19 Feb 2006

Update the firmware for all the devices, especially the router, as this can fix problem. Also manually do a custom windows update to check for hardware updates for your PCs laptops (START-PROGRAMS-WINDOWS UPDATES - custom)

If your ISP is AOL then change the MTU to 1400 in the router. (Worth trying this anyway even if it's not AOL)

In the IE address bar try instead of a webb address (this is google's page) to check if Domain Name Resolution is working.

  Darklord2150 15:27 19 Feb 2006

Firmware is up-to-date on all devices. My ISP is Blueyonder but I changed the MTU to 1400 which didn't work. I also tried typing in which also didn't work. Windows Update didn't find any hardware updates.

  keewaa 19:45 19 Feb 2006

In Network connections right click and disable any connections that are not being used and then refresh the IP by start-run-cmd and type IPCONFIG /RELEASE then type IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS then restart the PC/laptop.

  cowboyarizona 02:50 20 Feb 2006

I have same problem with wireless

  Darklord2150 09:14 20 Feb 2006

Tried refreshing the IP with no success :(
I think it must be something in the router settings as before installing the router the laptop connected to the internet through a peer-to-peer wireless connection with my PC which had a direct connection to the internet.

  Darklord2150 09:02 27 Feb 2006

Anyone have any ideas? It just seems strange that a wireless router allows internet access with a cable and not with wireless.

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