Cannot connect to internet with "new"laptop

  edenworkshops 10:24 12 Sep 2013


I have just purchased what I thought was a new laptop for our daughter, but it turned out to be reconditioned, but that is not the problem (I hope).

With her phone she can somehow connect to the internet, I assumed with this "new" laptop that she would be able to do the same, but I cannot connect to the net with it.

Any thoughts please?

Thank you


  alanrwood 10:40 12 Sep 2013

Need a lot more info to be of help. What model is the computer, are you trying to connect using a wired connection or Wi-Fi. What is the router you have installed. Have you set up wireless security etc etc

  edenworkshops 12:27 12 Sep 2013

Ok, more info.

The laptop is a Dell Latitude D630.

I have no internet connection, oh dear is it that obvious?

We don't have wireless for our regular pc's we have wires going into a router. I take it if I plugged our internet connection into the would work.

I had hoped that like her mobile, she would be able to connect to the net without a do mobiles connectto the net anyway?

Thank you


  alanrwood 12:42 12 Sep 2013

They can connect either by ethernet wires or wirelessly using WiFi.

If using ethernet or wiFi you can use the internet connection wizard found in Control panel/Network and Sharing Center. (I am assuming you are using Win 7).

You will need to know what the WiFi security settings are that have already been set up. Make sure that you are using encryption. If possible use WPA-2 PSK)

  iscanut 13:40 12 Sep 2013

I think we need to establish if the laptop has wireless capabilities, as if not, it will need to be wired unless a wifi USB dongle is used.

  john bunyan 19:14 12 Sep 2013

Could you give make and model of router - is it a wireless / router?

  Forum Editor 22:09 12 Sep 2013

Mobile phones connect to the internet via the mobile phone provider's network. Your daughter's laptop will connect to any available wireless network via its own inbuilt wireless adapter - it will recognise all available networks and offer them to her. She'll be able to connect to any of them, provided she knows the network password.

Your own wireless router will have a default password, and this is usually printed on a label that's on the underside of the router.

  finerty 22:53 12 Sep 2013

just to clarify what opersting system does the laptop use is it windows xp home or eindows 7 or windows 8

  onthelimit1 08:26 13 Sep 2013

First make sure the wireless on the laptop is turned on! It's usually a combination of the Fn key and one of the function keys along the top. some laptops have a switch.

It would also help to know the make/model of router to see if is wireless capable (as mentioned by JB).

  alanrwood 10:48 13 Sep 2013

Good point FE. I had rather assumed that they were connecting the phone by WiFi. Bad assumption!!

  john bunyan 10:59 13 Sep 2013

The OP has not confirmed he has a WIRELESS router. It would be helpful to know the make and model number.

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