Cannot connect to the internet all of a sudden??

  stugra 16:15 01 Aug 2006

Boy I'm having trouble!

I was surfing the internet yesterday, when I clicked on something not nice - subsequently I ran Ad-aware and Norton AV to rid of about 40 spyware items and one virus.

I then noticed that the internet was no longer connected as I couldn't get any web pages. As it was late, I put it down to having to reboot my router, so I turned the PC and the router off and went to bed.

Sadly, this morning, when I rebooted the PC & router I still could not get a web page up. I can now get the homepage of the router up ( though (couldn't a few hours ago??)

I went into safe mode and ran the ad-aware and NAV again - nothing found.
I tried a restore point of a few days ago - no change - still cannot get the internet.

What I can do is use my wireless laptop to access the router, but I cannot access the internet through this (via my laptop).

My router is a d-link DSL-G604T
My PC is running XP SP2 and is connected to the router by an ethernet cable into a built in LAN card (on motherboard)
My broadband is with Plus Net who do not show any problems.

I am not quite sure what else to post to help with fault finding, so I look forward to hearing from the experts.

Desparate thanks in advance.

  FelixTCat 16:34 01 Aug 2006


The router is on your LAN so you should be able to access that irrespective of the internet.

Try a few things:

1. check that the modem router is still set to dial your ISP and log in automatically (not manually)

2. check your firewalls to make sure that you can access the router's IP address (particularly the pc)

3. check the TCP/IP settings for your pc's lan connection



  stugra 16:52 01 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reply Felix.

1. auto login is still there - outlook express tries to log on as well but errors due to no connection.

2. I turned the firewall off and still no change.

3. The TCP/IP settings for the connection are all set to 'obtain automatically' which they have always be set to.


  dms05 17:16 01 Aug 2006

I'm using a DSL 504 and that has some really useful information on the Homepage. It also has a LED for ADSL activity. I've just checked and can see my connection is up and running and I even have a Carrier Chart that shows the ADSL modem activity.

Can you see any of this? At least it will help to decide if the problem is before or after the ADSL Modem.

  stugra 17:22 01 Aug 2006

Hi dms05.

I have an LED showing an ADSL connection on the front of the router.

Please can you tell me what the homepage is in more detail - exactly how to get there?

Where do you find your Carrier Chart and what is it? If it just tells you what adsl traffic you have over the internet, I can confirm that it is likely to be none! See, still have a sense of humour LOL

Cheers - look forward to your reply.

  phono 17:28 01 Aug 2006

In case you have deleted or damaged Winsock 2 settings try click here and click here for repair tools, also click here for repair instructions.

  dms05 17:45 01 Aug 2006

My Homepage is at a slightly different address to yours, otherwise they will be similar. Mine offers 3 main headings:


Under Summary is info about ADSL Line Condition and a Carrier Chart (which details the data speed at different fequency).

Is your ADSL LED On/Off/Flashing?

  stugra 17:56 01 Aug 2006


Thanks for the info.

My homepage bears no resemblence to config, maint & summary I am afraid.

Looking throught the detail that I do have though, it would appear that all is as it should be - in my non-knowledgeable mind???

The ADSL is on and steady.

  stugra 17:57 01 Aug 2006


Thanks for the winsock info - I am investigating!

  namtas 17:58 01 Aug 2006

Have you tried a system restore? it is possible that you inadvertently changed some thing on the PC

  stugra 18:02 01 Aug 2006

Have just on to the PC and clicked a link in Firefox - the web page appeared - so I clicked another favourite and it went straight back to "problem loading page"??

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