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Cannot connect to internet after reinstall of win

  Hetti 13:26 28 Apr 2013

I have an old laptop and thought it would be OK for grandson to use until he can use a better one.

It runs XP home so I thought I would reinstall win before handing it over, however after the reinstall the laptop cannot see my Virgin modem.

The model of laptop is Acer Aspire 1640z it has a button on the front to indicate wireless status but that is showing nothing at all it is just a clear white colour.

I did search on here before posting and found a post that had been dealing with a similar problem, I downloaded "win XP -KB91702v3-x86ENU.exe" as was suggested in post but that hasn't worked. This is an old laptop but it was working and connecting to internet fine before I did reinstall. Thought I would ask advice before doing anything else.

  Hetti 16:10 28 Apr 2013

Thanks for the info rdave13

I have hard wired the laptop to get all necessary updates and it is almost finished doing that so I will see what it situation is then and get the driver from the link you sent.

Once again thanks

  Hetti 18:01 28 Apr 2013

Okay guys I got the laptop almost completely up to date but there are still some updates that cannot be carried out, I get the message "There is not enough disk space so win updates have been suspended",

There are three disks listed on this laptop C drive that shows as 15.5.used, 10.1 free D drive that shows 112 MB USED, 26.1 FREE F drive that shows 3.81 GB used,81 MB FREE

I have a horrible suspicion the operating system has been installed on the wrong disk. This is so depressing lol any help for me?

  Hetti 18:47 28 Apr 2013

Thanks rdave13

Will there still be anyone out there using it? lol

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