Cannot connect to Desktop connection via laptop.

  shanjade 05:04 09 Jun 2009

Hi everyone,

well I just got a new laptop today and I've spent hours trying to connect it.
It's running on Windows Vista, my Desktop is Windows XP.

My Desktop is connected via a crossover cable from my computer, to my mums. Therefore my internet connection is running off my mums.

When I got my laptop, basically I just pulled the crossover cable out, which obviously disconnected my Desktop, and I put it into my laptop.
Before that, the laptop said 'You are not connected to any networks.' or something along those lines. After, it said I was connected to a "Unknown Connection" ? I think it said unknown, maybe it said unverified :S I can't remember..
But anyway, it had 3 pictures.
1. USER-PC (This Computer.) - The laptop.
it then had a line, which was marked green, going over to the connection it was connected to. So..
2. Unverified/Unknown (whatever it is.) Connection.
So it was telling me it had successfully connected to this connection. But then it had this.
3. Internet.
and it had a line going from Unknown/Unverified connection to Internet. and it had a big red cross over it..
So now it's telling me it isn't connected to the internet, but is connected to the network?

Gosh :S I don't know. That confused me even just typing it.
Does anyone know whats wrong? What I have to do?

And please, if you do, please give explanations and solutions in detail. Networking is not my thing, as you can probably tell.

Thanks a bunch. :) x

  shanjade 05:05 09 Jun 2009

oh, yeah.
also, if it helps any, I am trying to connect to a broadband router.

  ambra4 06:55 09 Jun 2009

“I am trying to connect to a broadband router”

What is the make and model no of the router?

If it a true router and not a modem you just connect each computer via a “Straight Ethernet RJ45 Cable”

to the router Lan ports at the back

Sample of a Modem and Router

click here

  shanjade 06:10 10 Jun 2009

don't worry guys, I fixed it. thanks for your help, anyway :)

but, anyway, on a different note, now that everything is up and running, there is a problem.

I am running Vista Home Premium, and this is probably why..
I'll be doing my work, on myspace, you know, whatever. and randomly I'll click a window to open it, and it literally goes everywhere.
I mean, the pictures within it go everywhere, the windows explorer bar partially disappears and windows within the explorer bar are overlapping each other!!
I have no idea what to do!
please help.

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