Cannot connect to BT Home Hub

  Whaty 20:42 27 Jan 2007

A couple of nights ago my BT Home Hub had a bit of a 'fit' at about 1am in the morning, the lights were flashing and it made a series of beeping noises, this lasted approx 5 - 10 mins.

A little while after (24hrs or so) I noticed that the time on my BT Hub Phone was wrong and although I re-set it, whenever I made a call the time became wrong again.

The time on the Hub Phone is determined by the setting within the Hub (I found this out when I first got the Hub) so tonight I've tried to get into the Hub to re-set the time and make sure no other settings have been altered.

Problem: I can get as far as entering the username and password (under the 'advanced' option) but then I get a blank page with a 'click here' if you are not re-directed. No matter what I do I can't get into the settings for the Hub....

Any ideas please?


  SANTOS7 20:51 27 Jan 2007

I think what's happening is that the hub resets when the power goes off - what you can do is go into the advanced options and set the hub up to go and look at a time server on the net when it powers back up!

click here

text taken from link,hope it helps..

  Whaty 21:20 27 Jan 2007

Santos7, you are right but.... the problem is that I can't get into the advanced options since the Hub had a fit the other night. I select 'advanced', I enter the username and password but the page doesn't display?

  SANTOS7 21:38 27 Jan 2007

There is a suggestion that the lights flashing is related to the filters and/or phone line either not connected properly or in case of filters "duff" might be an idea to check all components and then reinstall.

  SANTOS7 21:40 27 Jan 2007

Also found this..

Your BT Home Hub will automatically update itself with the latest software needed to give you maximum value . This will only happen if an update is available, and if so, approximately 12-48 hours after the hub is switched on. Do not unplug the hub from the power supply or phone socket during the update as this could damage it. You can tell that your BT Home Hub is updating itself because the lights will all flash in a sequence on the front. During a Hub update, you will temporarily lose your broadband connection, BT Broadband Talk service and BT Fusion service.

  [email protected] 22:02 27 Jan 2007

mine does it about 3 times a week at about 1 am, all lights will flash quickly (warning you to keep power connected) then they will flash quicker (software update) as santos said during this time you will lose connection.
if i ever have a problem with my hub i turn it off for 10 seconds and back on, usually its missed a couple of updates, then it is back to full speed.
a confusing bit of kit really!

  [email protected] 22:07 27 Jan 2007

btw whenever you get an update any equipment like internet phone or standard phone will reset date and clock, a glitch! so im told by bt calcutta queue for an hour and get a totally ridiculus solution dept

  Whaty 22:52 27 Jan 2007

The hub is working fine, at least, it seems to be.... I'm using it now.

Like I say, the only problem I've got is that I can't get into the settings, something I've done many times before...

  Dipso 22:53 27 Jan 2007

This click here suggests that the time problem is a fault with the firmware and will be corrected by the next update.

Can you not reset the router using the button on the back?

  Whaty 23:54 27 Jan 2007

Dipso, I'm going to bail out and go to bed now, work tomorrow.... unfortunately. If I get chance I'll have a look tomorrow night.

Everything appears to be working fine and at the end of the day, the time thing isn't a major problem. My concern is that I can't access the settings for the hub as it stands and I can't understand why? When I try to access the advanced options I get a page saying "If you are not redirected 'click here'", even when I use the link nothing happens. Maybe the firmware update will rectify this problem also?

Thanks for the link...

  Whaty 10:35 30 Jan 2007

I've decided to wait and see if the next update resolves the issue I have, not convinced it will but we'll see..

I don't want to reset the hub without being sure I can get back into it. I'm quite happy with the general performance of the hub with the configuration I am currently using but I've made various changes to the settings to get to where I am now, I would hate to lose these settings by resetting the hub and then find I am unable set it up to my preference again.

I only realised there was a problem because the time / date on the hub phone had changed, it wasn't a performance issue (hope it doesn't become one).

Thanks to all who replied,

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