Cannot Clear History etc. in 'Internet Options'

  SecurityNut 19:18 24 Mar 2004

First of all, accept my apologies but I am new at this forum, so please forgive me if I do anything wrong.
I need to access my email frequently, so this means reading it from School also. However the website of my email provider saves the addresses of anyone who accesses it. I cannot clear the history, temp. internet files, cookies or autocomplete data because the network administrator has locked the internet options panel in internet explorer. There is also no way of getting into the folders on the hard disk where this information is held in order to delete it, as typing drive letters into the IE address bar doesn't work, and the My Computer/Documents/Recycle Bin/Network icons on the desktop don't work. I did manage to delete something once but it still remains in the recycle bin which I can't empty. There is one computer which knows my ebay username, so if someone found out my password, they could bid £1,000,000 for something if they wanted to! Also, the eBay 'log out' button does not appear on any of the school computers! I have spoken to the network admin guy, but he is hopeless, saying that there is no way anyone can access my data and that he will not delete the files incase I have been viewing pornography and only want them deleted to remove my tracks! Am I right to be worried about my security? Sometimes we have to access websites in I.T. classes which require personal information, but the computers remember this aswell! I want to refuse to do the work as I am getting really paranoid about this.
The computers use either windows 98 or 2000 with internet explorer version 4, 5, 5.5 or 6 depending on the age of the computer, and they have this annoying novell network software which blocks out almost everything! the only buttons on the start menu are log off and shut down. They don't have any drives apart from the hard disk, not even a floppy drive. Is there any way I can access internet options to delete this info? Or is there a command I can type into the address bar? Bearing in mind that the computers do not allow you to download programs either - pathetic!
Thanks for your help.

  johnnyrocker 19:34 24 Mar 2004

you could try applying to the school authorities asking for the information under the data protection act which they will have to comply with and the general charge is about £10 i think.


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