cannot capture digital video

  Newuser3605 21:13 17 Nov 2003

I have tried everything including 3 different programs but nothing works. My camera is just not recognised. In System it shows the firewire card to be working but I have my doubts. Is there any way of checking this?
I am using Windows 98 with decent computer gear.
Thanks if you can help.

  MichelleC 21:53 17 Nov 2003

Which driver for IEEE 1394 driver is in device manager? Usually you have a choice of 2 - windows own and Texas. Try swopping and rebooting. Also try rebooting with dv cam already on. 98+ is usually very good for dv and less hassle than w2k and xp.

  Newuser3605 00:36 18 Nov 2003

Many thanks Michelle,

I didn't notice any Texas driver but in System it also shows a yellow ? alongsided Other Devices which says
1394/A02D and 10001 for which no drivers have been installed and which Windows update cannot supply.
Have you any idea what this is all about.Thanks again.

  cable guy 01:05 18 Nov 2003

go to drivers headquarters they may help you

  MichelleC 08:25 18 Nov 2003

In device manager double-click 1394 (which should be under IEEEE 1393 Bus host controller) and choose driver/update driver/display a list of suitable drivers and you should see 2 or more, then change, reboot.

  Newuser3605 19:29 18 Nov 2003

Thanks for trying to help, MichelleC.
There is no list. Only the one driver shown.
I think that, for whatever reason, the programs are trying to ask me for information on the unknown device, ie my camera. This is what is being referred to as 1394/AOZD+10001.
I am baffled as to why I should be the only person in the world with this problem.
I do not understand Cable Guy's suggestion but thanks all the same.

  R4 19:48 18 Nov 2003

Try :: click here
or :: click here

  MichelleC 20:21 18 Nov 2003

You should have a choice of 2 drivers; 1 is the Win98+ OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller, and a Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller.

What is the wording in Device Manager for the card?

  Newuser3605 22:36 18 Nov 2003

Many thanks for efforts trying to help but I have got so fed up with it that I am going to give it a rest for a while.
I checked out R4's sites. The drivershq. seems pretty good apart from having to pay for it. It showed that my IEEE card was ok anyway.
For Michelle, the Device Manager just shows the one item ie
PCI OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
and, in driver details, 3linked drivers none of which is called Texas.
My camera downloads pictures from the card ok but when trying to capture video gives the same message " cannot initialise capture device" as when the camera is not connected.
I am very grateful to those giving their time.

  MichelleC 09:12 19 Nov 2003

Driver Guide is free click here but I have an idea the prob is more os than driver. 98+ plug & play detect wizard is usually extremely good (better than w2k and xp). I've had hassles on 98 and w2k so I know how you feel, but once it's up and running you'll probably get hooked on dv editing. It won't do any harm to uninstall card, reboot, and reinstall. Also have a looksee in bios to see if anything's disabled.

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