Cannot Burn full cd of Music

  Nimbin King 14:33 26 Jul 2005

Using wmp when I go to burn a cd the last track does not get completely copied, Pc world said that there was a known problem with Xp, but I'm not very trusting, can anyone help.

  madPentium 12:21 28 Jul 2005

use something more professional like nero.

  Pooke 12:27 28 Jul 2005

agree use Nero or the like.

Is it always the last track, try cutting down the number of tracks you are burning, maybe they don't all fit on.


  Nimbin King 21:06 28 Jul 2005

All the tracks fit, its just the last one and the rest of the disk does not finnish closing, then I get a message saying that I need to try a different disk( which I have done diff makes )or speed( which I have also done down to the slowest writing speed) would nero fix all these problems?

  User-312386 21:07 28 Jul 2005

XP and buring just dont go well

You need a third party software programme like NERO as the others have suggested

  mattyc_92 21:08 28 Jul 2005

Nero SHOULD work perfectly.... On average, you can only fit about 21 tracks onto a 80 minute disk (each trace arounf 3-4 minutes)

  stalion 21:10 28 Jul 2005

try the free version of this click here

  DieSse 21:44 28 Jul 2005

When you say "last one" - do you mean the last one of a pretty full CD - or do you still have the problem if you only try to burn , say, a half-full CD?

  Sans le Sou 21:54 28 Jul 2005

Nero will advise you if your compilation is too big, also you have a blue visual indicator bar which goes red if you overdo it.

  Sans le Sou 21:56 28 Jul 2005

Nero Express will do nicely, it is not expensive.

  Fred the flour grader 23:15 28 Jul 2005

A work collegue tried to copy a Robbie Williams cd for his car last year but could not get it all on. It was caused by one of the tracks only lasting the usual 3 mins or so when you listened to it but, over 10mins for the software to recognise it.
It's anti piracy stuff on the disc which I believe can be worked around. I am not sure how you do it though.

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