Cannot boot Windows 10 OR Windows 10 USB

  SnappyHD 20:54 14 May 2018

This has been apparent since Friday, the last thing I remember was clicking on my start menu and getting a popup saying something like "start menu has failed to open, this will be fixed after the restart" and then my computer shut it's self down and ever since, when I boot up my computer, I get to the windows loading screen with the blue windows logo and the spinning wheel, it spins for quite a while before giving me a black screen.

I thought this would be a simple issue to solve just by burning the windows 10 installation drive onto a usb but I have tried that countless times now, many different ways and the drives never boot. Weirdly, I tested to see if it was the drive by installing a linux os onto it, and THAT worked. It's worth mentioning that when I boot repair mode on windows 10, it loads and gives me a black screen as well.

Things i've tried:

Repair mode (Black Screen) Windows 10 USB
Windows 10 Recovery USB
Linux USB (Works which makes me think its not a hardware issue)
Powering Off Computer and unplugging peripherals (Not very properly, I could try any other suggestions)

I am lost for what to do next, any ideas would be so very appreciated.

  Newuser939 13:55 15 May 2018

Probably not relevant, but if your computer happens to be a Lenovo, look at this similar thread click here

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