cannot boot from replacement HDD

  bumpkin 21:39 20 Sep 2012

Hi everyone, I have just replaced my old HDD with a bigger one but cannot get it to boot from the new one whatever I do. O/S is Win7 Home Premium. Drives are sata. Copied everything from the old to the new (cloned the C to D) When I try new drive I get error (boot mgr missing) or NTLD missing and some others of the same vein. Tried many times and looked at postings here and on the net but just can`t get it to work. Any suggestions.


  [email protected] 21:45 20 Sep 2012

You need to fix the Boot Loader.

Boot your computer from a Windows 7 disk, click Repair Your Computer then when you reach System Recovery Options, choose Command Prompt.

Once in Command Prompt type:


and press Enter.

  [email protected] 21:54 20 Sep 2012

Sorry, type this instead:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

bootrec.exe /fixboot

Just quickly ran through it and turned out my memory was slightly rusty!

  lotvic 22:00 20 Sep 2012

I see you are still having problems with this.

When you cloned it, did you just clone C: or did you include the tiny 100Mb System Reserved boot mgr partition as well?

  rdave13 22:06 20 Sep 2012

What program did you use to clone the drive? Easiest way is to physically install your old drive again and clone (percentage wise for all partitions) to the new Hard drive. If it fails again then think of a better program to clone. [email protected]'s suggestions are good but if the Cloning is bad you'll get further problems and not worth the effort, unless your original HDD had problems anyway. If it had then a clean install would be better on the new HDD. Put the old drive in a caddy and copy your docs, etc over once you're up and running.

  rdave13 22:36 20 Sep 2012

Just a thought, did you use a caddy (enclosure) to clone? If you cloned the original drive within the PC then you need to disconnect the old hard drive before booting up to the new one. If you used a usb caddy to clone, then I'd think of using another cloning software to do the job.

  bumpkin 23:16 20 Sep 2012

Thanks, theres a lot for me to digest here. I have 2 HDDs on this PC, one XP pro one Win 7 all up and working fine. I changed the Win 7 HDD to a bigger one, thought I had done it right but nothing works if I have this HDD attached. All works fine if I just plug my old one back instead. If I use the new HDD I cannot boot or even access the cd. [email protected], thanks for you input but I cannot access the cd to try it. Lotvic, not sure I did that, could be the answer, need to redo. rdave I used XX clone 30 day trial version not the freebie, I could not get the free version to copy the boot info although it should.

Thanks for your responses.


  bumpkin 23:24 20 Sep 2012

rdave13, I did it internally, can you suggest any other software?


  rdave13 23:34 20 Sep 2012

Here's what I'd do. Remove the bigger HDD (win 7) and replace with original. Check both OSs boot. Put bigger drive in usb caddy and use xx clone 30 day trial (from 7 disk not XP disk) to clone it again. Swap hard drives again. See if it works. Seems the boot manager isn't being cloned. That software of yours sounds crap.

If more problems have a look here, click here. . Google for more information how to set up boot loaders in this program for different OSs.

  rdave13 23:44 20 Sep 2012

More confusion...

  [email protected] 15:21 21 Sep 2012

I said boot from DVD. This is completely independent of your hard drives.

Go into your BIOS and change the boot sequence so that it looks for bootable media in the DVD drive before it even looks at the hard drives. Then you'll be able to carry out the instructions from my previous post.

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