Cannot boot from Harddisk or Floppy

  sschsu 14:08 23 Jul 2005

My sister's PC won't boot up when a warning message saying battery is low. After replacing the battery, tried to boot up the PC but nothing happened i.e. nothing is displayed before window. There is power and hard/floppy is being read then everything went quiet. I just connect the PC to a monitor, key board and mouse to test. Any suggestion to fix this?

  woodchip 14:09 23 Jul 2005

is this a laptop? If it is try it connected to the mains

  sschsu 14:27 23 Jul 2005

No. It is a disktop PC and the battery I replaced is on the motherboard.

  pj123 14:32 23 Jul 2005

Very strange. The motherboard battery shouldn't stop the computer from booting. It only holds the current CMOS settings and the Date and Time.

Try switching on and keep hitting the Delete key until you get into the CMOS screen and re-detect your hard drive.

  Fingees 14:42 23 Jul 2005

It may sound stupid, but have you inserted the battery the correct way up?

  sschsu 14:53 23 Jul 2005

Before I replaced the battery I can start the PC at all. Once I replaced the battery, I was able to start the PC. When the battery is removed the existing CMOS setting is lost. Could this be the problem?

  pj123 15:15 23 Jul 2005

Check your motherboard, you may have jumpers to reset the CMOS.

  pj123 15:19 23 Jul 2005

I must add that I have never had to change a motherboard battery in any computer I have. And I still have a 486 DX40 still running perfectly with Windows 3.1. It's not used much now but it does still boot up.

  woodchip 15:38 23 Jul 2005

Go into BIOS set the Bios to default, then check through all the settings as when you changed the battery all the settings would be lost

  woodchip 15:38 23 Jul 2005

Battery will last upto 10years

  DieSse 15:53 23 Jul 2005

The secret is normally as woodchip suggests - the settings will have been lost/corrupted, so either set them all again, or at least to start with select the default settings.

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